Norwegian Folk Songstress Siv Jakobsen Talks New Single, Upcoming Album, ‘A Temporary Soothing’, & More

Imagine this: golden light peers through the blinds, encouraging you to awaken. The sun practically dances on the crystalline mountainside of your hotel. The townspeople’s homes below are nestled in a blanket of white, making for a gingerbread village come to life. You cling tight to the piping hot coffee mug in your hands, grounding you in the peaceful tranquility of this moment.

You still your breath, take in the silence- a rare reflection. With that, you begin to think about the possibilities held in today’s agenda in the fjords of Norway. 

Listening to Norwegian artist Siv Jakobsen elicits both a visual and auditory experience that is as serendipitous and fleeting as life’s most balanced moments. One particular song that made me an instant fan is her song, “Fear the Fear.” Her endearing revelation of the human essence is reflected in the music video as she trudges through a pitch-black tundra. Equipped solely with a headlamp and sheer instincts, Jakobsen agonizes with her inner demons as she searches for refuge from the unforgiving cold.  The opening line, “I lie in bed at night/terrified of tomorrow’s light,” feels deeply familiar – deeply human. A recent Instagram post of Jakobsen’s detailed just that: “It’s born from a spiraling worry that I wouldn’t be able to create well if I was well…content with myself and my life.”

No doubt her upcoming album, which unfortunately due to the current pandemic got moved from April 24th to August 21st, will continue to dazzle listeners with her perspective on human nature through her hypnotizing, melancholic arrangements. Lush with strings and the occasional droplet-like commentary from the piano, Jakobsen’s discography is the perfect storm for any pensive listener. Her inspirations come from the lovely mixture of classical works by Vivaldi and Debussy, blended with contemporary folk musician, Gregory Alan Isakov. Her acoustic-heavy folk music creates a soundscape fit for clearing the mind through incomparable scenery.

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Amongst guitar thrums and the meditative waltz that frequents Jakobsen’s music, her gentle voice ranges from conversational, to tastefully vulnerable bellows. Her siren song seems to beckon listeners to come in closer, finding oneself somewhere in the plot line of each song.

As a longtime fan of indie music myself, I might be biased in saying that Jakobsen embodies what it really means to be a full-fledged artist. She has more to offer beyond her sonorous voice and enticing vibrato; she also has a heavy-hand in the orchestration of her pieces and a striking stage presence. And perhaps, most importantly, she has something to say that hasn’t yet been said.

Who: Siv Jakobsen

What: New single, “Island,” which is out now, with two more songs coming out this week.

About the release: “Island” is my latest single from my upcoming album A Temporary Soothing. It’s quite dancy, which is a new and exciting sound for me. 

What’s next: My new singles “Fight Or Flight” and “Only Life” came out last week (on Wednesday March 25th) 

Musical inspirations: Gregory Alan Isakov, Ane Brun, Laura Marling, Lucy Rose ++

Three records on a desert island: Gregory Alan Isakov – The Weatherman // Ane Brun – Live In Scandinavia // Julia Jacklin – Crushing 

Favorite food while on the road: Coffee made with my coffee-kit that I bring with me on every tour. I bring coffee beans from my favourite coffee shop in Oslo, Supreme Roastworks, so that I can feel like I’m at home on the road. 

Favorite part about tour: Playing the actual shows.

Least favorite part about tour: Really long drives in shitty vans. 

Song/artist you can’t stop listening to: This varies, but right now it’s Gregory Alan Isakov’s “The Universe”. It’s really soothing. 

Favorite way to spend a Friday night: At home, with friends or family.

Last movie or TV show you watched: Dan In Real Life.

Dream show (venue, guest musicians, etc.): Oslo Opera House, with a full orchestra as my accompaniment. I’d be very happy indeed if Gregory Alan Isakov or Damien Jurado was there to sing with me. 

What the rest of 2020 might have in store for Siv Jakobsen: I will be releasing my new album A Temporary Soothing on August 28th, with singles and videos along the way. I will be touring the record this autumn – and doing as many online shows as I can before then, to make up for not being able to be on the road right now. 

Closing words: I’m not good with words. Here’s a playlist of soothing songs I’ve made, instead:

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