Eclectic Electronic Songwriter Qwiet Type Talks Latest Releases, Post-Pandemic Plans, Pensacola, & More

Defined by his inability to be defined, Qwiet Type is the creative moniker of artist, songwriter, and producer Matt Powell.

“I love music from all genres and decades,” Powell writes on his website. “The music from my past and the music I love today seems to be coming out of me in such a blended way that I can’t explain. I am not copying anyone, I am just releasing the music that’s in my head onto my recordings the best I can.”

Powell boasts an alternative style that fuses synth pop, electronica, new wave, and even a touch of hip-hop into something entirely unique and reminiscent of the sunny beaches and cool breeze of Pensacola, Florida, Powell’s hometown.

Powell’s next release, “We Gotta Move,” came out yesterday, March 27th. Music Critic described it as an “upbeat, funky and swaggering slice of groovy electro-pop meets indie-rock.”

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We got the chance to chat with Powell about his inspiration, his single “Shakedown,” and more…

What’s your real name? Matt Powell.

Where are you from? Atlanta, Georgia, but I live in Pensacola, Florida.

How would you describe your musical style? Tough question. Indie rock, I guess… but my songs keep being described as a fusion of styles and overall, a few genres get mentioned in discussions and blogs. I love all genres of music, so I think that love is coming out as a blend when I’m writing music.  

What’s the inspiration behind your song “Shakedown”? Someone asked me to write a love song, and I hadn’t written one yet, so I took on the challenge. Somewhere in the process I thought to myself: this person doesn’t need another love song to wallow in, they need a self-evaluation to get back on their feet and gain their confidence back. So that’s what the song became.  

Where was it recorded? My home studio.

Do you produce/play all of your own music? I write the lyrics, music, and I perform my own music, but I have an amazing producer in Nashville, Taylor Franklyn, that puts his magic touch on my music to get it ready for distribution.  

What’s next musically? I have four more single releases coming out between now and June that will complete my first album, just in time for my album release concert on June 6, 2020 in Pensacola.  

Describe your songwriting process: What’s first, chicken (music) or the egg (lyrics)? For me it’s the music. I usually start with me playing with sounds and melodies. Once I have that “aha” moment, I begin to build on that until the song has a feeling/vibe that it’s portraying to me. That feeling puts me in a mood, and once I’m in that mood, I start singing gibberish until words come out- feels like a natural process to me.  

Three records on a desert island: I hate that question- it’s too hard! A 70’s rock compilation, a 90’s hip hop compilation, and a current compilation of indie alternative. I feel like I just cheated on that question, ha!  

Song/artist you can’t stop listening to: I go through phases, but recently I got hooked on “Sign of the Times” by Harry Styles. It’s just a song that is really powerful, and I would hope to have the skills and resources to write a song like that one day. The style reminds me of  “November Rain” by Guns N Roses. All the stars have to align to end up with a song like that. 

Favorite way to spend a Friday night: Listening to an amazing original band in a small venue. 

Fun fact about Qwiet Type: Qwiet Type is less than a year old. I started this project in June of last year, and exactly a year later, I’m having my album release concert. 

If you weren’t playing music, you’d be: When I’m not playing music, I’m working very hard on my entertainment business. I own an entertainment, sound, and lighting company for weddings, parties and events. Covid-19 has been quite the transition for us as we’re in the business of social gathering. 

What the rest of 2020 might have in store for Qwiet Type: (aside from quarantine & surviving the pandemic): For the next few months I’m going to be training for my show. I’m treating it as if I’m training for a marathon. Also, I will be working hard on promoting my upcoming releases, and then after my show I will start working on my next album!  

Closing words: I just want to say thank you to you and people like you that are helping artists like me. You’re contributing to our chance to be heard in this new world of unsigned artists having a voice! 

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