New Release Roundup: Joel Plaskett, Darryl Kissick, LTtheMonk, & Liam Benayon

Joel Plaskett

Folk, Singer-Songwriter

“Hey Moon (A Campfire Song)”

Over the pandemic in 2021, the YMCA in Vancouver reached out to versatile songwriter Joel Plaskett, inviting him to perform at their “virtual campfire” gathering. As a result, he decided to craft an anthemic folk-fueled song that paints a picture that could resonate with the multitudes.

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And so “Hey Moon (A Campfire Song)” was born.

With the elegant simplicity of just three chords, Plaskett delivers a simple yet catchy tune that creates a sense of warmth and familiarity. He did this a mere 15 minutes before its live recording for the online livestream event.

Plaskett is a versatile artist known to seamlessly blend an array of genres from power pop, rock, folk, and more, creating a sound distinctively his own. His songs have become an adored fixture within Canada’s musical landscape and beyond, finding their way onto national playlists and serving as the soundtrack to the lives of devoted fans far and wide.

“Hey Moon (A Campfire Song)”

Darryl Kissick

Indie Folk Pop

“In the Middle”

Originally from Regina, Saskatchewan, Darryl Kissick is not one to put all his eggs in one basket. In addition to his solo musical endeavors, he’s also an integral part of the musical group known as Foxwarren.

Kissick is approaching the release of his third album, Goodbye Patterns, which delves deep into the realm of the supernatural, exploring the mysteries of extraterrestrial encounters, werewolves and time loops.

His debut single, “In the Middle,” takes listeners on a journey where they grapple with receiving a profound, life-altering vision from an alternate dimension. It is a tale of self-discovery, where the boundaries of identity are blurred, ultimately leading to a profound and transformative experience.

“In The Middle”



“New Monk Swing”

LTtheMonk, a UK-based artist making waves in London, crafts a curiously catchy sound of his own by blending dance music with hip-hop and pop, bearing the unmistakable imprint of “LT.” 

With “New Monk Swing,” LT invites his listeners on a voyage through a myriad of his inspirations, painting a vivid picture of himself as a musical love child born from Prince’s iconic Minneapolis sound, and the tight funk of James Brown.

LT’s unique musical landscape mirrors the essence of New Jack Swing, popularized in the late 80s and early 90s. 

His new album, Uptown Intern #333, is scheduled to be released on October 20th.

“New Monk Swing”

Liam Benayon


“Next Chapter”

Initially immersing himself in the world of music from the shadows, serving as a producer and songwriter, Liam Benayon has now emerged as a dazzling yet audaciously bold pop artist of his own. 

Benayon’s sound weaves together a tapestry of elements, including synth-infused dance production, vibrant vocal performances, and a deep-rooted foundation in the art of crafting pure bubblegum pop lyrics. 

In his latest single, “Next Chapter,” he playfully embarks on a whimsical escapade inspired by a persistent admirer who keeps sending him the books he was currently reading. The cheeky track and fun video is full of buoyant energy, and demonstrates the admirable pop prowess Benayon has to offer.

“Next Chapter”

Featured photo: Joel Plaskett

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