Drew Angus Delivers Relatable Sing-Along Pop Anthem In Latest Single ‘Broken Heart Last’

Connecticut-based artist Drew Angus toils in themes of falling out of love and relationship turmoil in his latest pop-driven single, “Broken Heart Last.”

Composed during the pandemic, this track was born from experiences that both Angus and co-writer Matt Giella faced in their respective lives. Giella grappled with a divorce, while Angus was dealing with a breakup of his own. Together, they harnessed the collective ache of their failed relationships and put it into song, with the result being “Broken Heart Last.”

The track opens with a gentle vibrating guitar rhythm, creating a build-up for Angus’ voice to take center stage. As he croons the first few lines, listeners are quickly drawn into the love story gone wrong. He weaves a tale of love’s fragility and the lingering echoes of a shattered heart.

After the storm of a breakup subsides, there are days that shine brighter than others, yet the ache remains when the cherished memories from the past relationship resurface. “Broken Heart Last” offers reassurance and solace to those who’ve navigated the aftermath of a split, allowing them to find validation in their emotions.

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“Broken Heart Last”

The song explores a timeless inquiry: ‘How long does a broken heart last?’ The lyrics are poignant and relatable, capturing the universal experience of heartache. Lines like “Every ghost of the past is keeping me up at night” and “Now I’m just struggling cause I’ve got nothing left” resonate with those who have felt the sting of lost love. 

“There are countless songs about break-ups and exes, so Matt and I wanted to write something different for listeners to digest. ‘Broken Heart Last’ dives deeper into the pain associated with a broken heart and discusses the timeline of those unrequited feelings that are often ignored,” Angus says.

The instrumentation is vibrant and bold, as the sound swells and recedes, mirroring the ebb and flow of love’s journey. Besides the vocals and songwriting, Angus’ vulnerability shines in the track.

Angus grew up enveloped by the timeless sounds of legends like Tom Petty, The Beatles, and The Rolling Stones, and over time drew inspiration from more contemporary artists like Ben Rector, The Lone Bellow, and John Mayer.

Angus’s artistic drive has led him to shared stages with artists like Harry Styles and Nile Rogers on SNL, Pat Benatar, Ann Wilson of Heart, and Andrea Bocelli on Live with Kelly & Ryan among others.

“Broken Heart Last” serves as a cathartic experience, and as a reminder that we can always find solace in music’s embrace.

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