New Release Roundup: Jacob Weil, David Vertesi, Chin Injeti, & Ekelle

Jacob Weil

Indie Pop Rock, Folk Rock


Have you ever thought about how much one little decision can impact the rest of your life? Jacob Weil has, and along with Luca Fogale, he’s written a song about it. The fast-paced, nostalgic track, “9999”, focuses on the idea of multiple realities and all the alternative ways your life could have gone had you made just one different choice. 

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After years of traveling across Europe, North America, and the U.K. and performing with different bands, Weil had built up his own body of work to put out into the world. His Sam Weber-produced debut album, Lived In, dropped on August 18th—an upbeat, intelligent, and introspective collection of tracks that depict Weil’s feelings and experiences as he moves through life and reflects on who he is. 

Reminiscent of artists like Ben Howard, The National, and Taylor Ashton, “9999” and the rest of Weil’s new album has the appeal to captivate listeners and keep them hungry for more.


David Vertesi

Folk, Singer-Songwriter

“Who Am I Now”

Canadian artist David Vertesi is channeling his uniquely brooding tenderness in his newest single, “Who Am I Now.” After many years of collaboration with some of Canada’s strongest indie-rock acts such as Hey Ocean!, Shad, Dear Rouge, and Riun Garner among others, Vertesi is showing off his chops and embracing the dramatic in his solo work through his raspy, growling vocals, cleverly dark lyrics, and emotionally gripping instrumentals. 

“Who Am I Now,” which was released on August 15th, showcases a depth, sensuousness, and sense of humor reminiscent of artists like Hozier, Gregory Alan Isakov, and Dan Mangan. Vertesi’s knack for telling stunningly morose stories of loneliness and anguish leads him to the forefront of his own talent, where he welcomes the wretched and beautiful gloominess of life.

“Who Am I Now”

Chin Injeti


“For Better or For Worse”

Chin Injeti has seen years of success with his R&B group Bass is Base. From worldwide fans to record deals and several major awards, he has had no shortage of career highs. His group signed with Canada’s Universal Music and the U.S.’s Island Records, won a JUNO for Best R&B Record and a MuchMusic Video award for their song, “Funkmobile,” and, individually, he won SOCAN’s Songwriter of the Year award.

Not bad.

Today, Injeti doesn’t seem to be slowing down. His powerful new EP, VESSELS: Volume Two, which dropped on August 17th, includes “For Better or For Worse (feat. YBTB),” an upbeat, relatable tune about growing up when life doesn’t turn out quite the way you planned. It’s inescapable: as you grow up, you change, for better or for worse. This song serves as both an honest iteration of what it means to accept who you are, and a catchy summer dance track that wills the listener to sing along and soak it in.

“For Better or For Worse”




Can’t get enough of Doja Cat, Lizzo, or Nicki Minaj? Add Ekelle’s “Baddie” to your playlist.

This Toronto-based rapper has crafted a style she calls “Hood Pop”: pop music with an edge, touching on themes of drama, sex, money, and identity. 

“Baddie,” which was released on August 18th, is a fun and upbeat anthem that’s “perfect for pre-gaming with your girls or driving around on a sunny day.” From its catchy hook to its pumped-up verses and unique beat, “Baddie” is sure to get stuck in your head and get you feeling pumped up. Ekelle is currently working in the RBC Launchpad Music Entrepreneurship Program, and released her debut album, Let’s Get It, in 2022.


Featured photo: Jacob Weil

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