FLX Rockers The Endless Mountain Derelicts Deliver Gritty New EP With ‘Good Got Damn’

Somewhere roaming the gorges and vineyards between Seneca Lake, Cayuga Lake, and lesser Finger Lakes in New York resides a band delivering a heavy sound they dub “Mountain Rock.”

That band goes by the name of The Endless Mountain Derelicts.

The Endless Mountain Derelicts (EMD) meld alt-country and alt-rock among other offshoots together to create a sound chock full of grit and power. Their latest example of this is displayed on their new 6-track EP, Good Got Damn, which serves as a great launch point for new listeners to get a feel for their vibe.

The band consists of Justin Swank (lead vox, acoustic guitar), Lance Swank (lead guitar, backup vox), David Hagel (bass, backup vox), and Jay Donk (drums).

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“State Lines”

Having written on the struggles of the day to day working man in their 2019 EP, How the Story Goes, the band continues their mission writing songs for the blue-collar salt of the earth folks to relate to in their August 25th release. 

“State Lines” is an opener not to be trifled with, calling the audience to join them in their freedom from authority and taking matters into their own hands. The rock anthem proclaims a bold, imagery-laden message: “We’re doing fine crossin’ state lines / Open up my chest and so I can finally breathe.” The track is locked and loaded with heavy drum lines and turbo-charged electric guitar, setting the tone from the jump.

The band released their first single from Good Got Damn in September 2022 with their song “The Ditch.” It hits with a more folksy roots-rock vibe, still with some blistering electric guitar, and a story to follow with a melody like driving on a late summer’s night. It perfectly captures EMD’s message of perseverance through tough times: “Cause now we’re in a ditch / And the bottoms’ all we know.”

“The Ditch”

The EP wraps up with the head-bobbing hard rock anthem “Cole vs the Colt,” a song that conjures feelings of Alice in Chains or maybe Stone Temple Pilots. It has all the fixins’ to deliver some intense end-of-the-record feels. The guitar is heavy and the vocals are compelling and demand to be heard, using pure grit to ask you to stomp your feet and raise your fist with them. “Put a bullet in me,” Swank belts out repeatedly with conviction.

The FLX rockers have aptly claimed their “Mountain Rock” title, as displayed in Good Got Damn. The lyrically heavy yet instrumentally invigorating release is the second EP from the quartet.

The Endless Mountain Derelicts will be bringing their alt-country-fueled hard rock to various locations around New York State to close out summer and into fall.

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