Nashville Americana & Honky Tonk Songstress Chelsea Lovitt Releases Music Video For New Single ‘State Of Denial’

Chelsea Lovitt brings Tennessee charm to new heights with the release of her heartfelt “State of Denial” music video.

Hunkered in a swanky swing of blues, “State of Denial” comes out of Lovitt’s versatile 2020 album You Had Your Cake, So Lie in It that mixes the likes of country, soul, honky tonk, rock n’ roll, and blues into a package of subtle political addresses, honest self-analyses, and valuable connections. 

Lovitt wrote the song as a reflection of love – what it is, what it wasn’t, why it can’t be – and the struggle one bears when ‘sifting through that pile’ of emotions. In a twisted fate of irony, the track focuses primarily on the distance one faces from loved ones while performing on the road. Today, touring is temporarily extinct, but the distance remains alive and well. 

As we celebrated this past Valentine’s day, we were exposed to a particular predicament that has been much emphasized come this holiday season like we’ve never experienced before. On a day that revolved around love and affection, we had to either distance ourselves from those we love or prevent ourselves from commemorating the occasion entirely.

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Nevertheless, in Lovitt’s video, we see her traveling around Nashville, lifting people’s spirits with a specially delivered bouquet of flowers, spreading love on the pre-covid holiday of last year (hence the lack of masks you’ll see). It’s bittersweet, yet hopeful: a reminder to look forward to the better days ahead when we can finally love freely once again. 

As the song itself goes, there’s no denying Lovitt’s sizzling flair, embellished with a groove that’s laid-back, unabashed, and just straight up cool. The gentle rumble of the drums fused with the pulse of the piano and the twang of the guitar spawn a flourishing atmosphere for Lovitt’s resonant drawl that’s altogether worthy of remembering.

Though, what’s most impressive is the track’s striking uniqueness from the rest of Lovitt’s music. One song of hers never defines the rest, allowing you to discover yet another unforgettable gem after another in a never-ending pool of diversity.

A lot has changed in a year, and we’ve barely got our footing, but Lovitt, through joy, kindness, and friendship, leaves a smile on my face as she reveals how great it was, so we can acknowledge how much greater it still can be. 

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