C’est La Vie: A Look At Indie Folk Songwriter Wren & Her New Single ‘Eiffel Tower Date’ Off Her New Album ‘Pink Stone: Songs From Moose Lodge’

Inviting and comforting, singer-songwriter Wren lyrically expresses the places she has called home with a Celtic-inspired folk sound.

With her stripped-back vocals and philosophical nature on songwriting, dreams, cycles, archetypes, and myths are intimately revealed through the words. Inspiration for her past albums were taken from her love of the Salish Sea and her year in Galicia, Spain. Now, her latest project is based on somewhere that was unexpected. 

Pink Stone: Songs from Moose Lodge is Wren’s latest album release that started back in 2016. Invited by two friends to house-sit their cabin in Washington’s Methow Valley, Wren found herself inspired by this new change of scenery after battling a neuro-immune illness for years.

The one-month stay began a journey of discovering solitude and intimacy, along with love, longing, and loss. Bottling nature into her sound, the natural world pressed the songs out of her, and soon she found herself on her way to Arizona to heal. A collection of the first month’s songs mixed with those from over the last several years of returning to the valley, the album became completed along with a 98-page Companion Book of journal entries, essay vignettes, and lyrics from her time in the valley. 

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Wanting to wrap listeners in warmth with her music, she found magic in the loneliness that was captured through the track list.

The beauty is found in the comforting presence of  calming water and starry nights mixed with melodies that take you safely home. Each track uniquely takes you on a peaceful journey of discovering the wonder around you and falling in love with a slower pace of life. Understanding and grabbing the essence of places, Wren explained that her music “resulted in a collection of songs about the paradoxes of love and intimacy, where the land and the river often become other characters in the story”. “Come Back River” speaks of the power of the environment and healing, while “Cedar Tree Boy” touches on the topic of letting go of someone you love, and  “The Sun Going Down” is a celebration of community and friendship.

“Eiffel Tower Date” caps off the album along with Jason Wilber, creating a lively and rhythmic goodbye. The old school classy feel brings nostalgia to the forefront while bringing in a breeze of fresh air. The guitar finds itself strumming in a campfire-like manner, while the lyrics sing, “It’s all my fault, can’t call this fate/But I’m still countin’ down the years, ‘til I promised Eiffel Tower date”.

“Eiffel Tower Date” adds a lighthearted idea on the tricky game of love, with cheery whistles adding a touch of playfulness throughout. There’s a sense of optimism and high-spirits while she travels forward to move in different directions of more traditional music. It’s clear there’s a deep sense of spiritual feeling and natural expression within Wren’s music, and it seems she’s only getting started.

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