MUSIC VIDEO PREMIERE: Name Sayers Channel Dark Seduction In Avant-Garde Track ‘Lioness’

Sometimes the allure of the unknown can be inviting, if not dangerous.

This idea is represented by Name Sayers, who’ve officially released their latest music video for their track, “Lioness.”

The new single is a strong demonstration of their oft shadowy style, reminiscent of groups like Nine Inch Nails and Mindless Self Indulgence in its gravelly gloom, industrial drum beats, and thick bass lines. Produced and recorded by the group along with Grammy-nominated producer Grant Eppley in Austin, Texas, and Denver, Colorado, the song addresses feelings of paranoia and uneasiness as it pertains to a perhaps not-so-welcome admirer, notably in lines like “I think that lioness is stalking you / I think that lioness is following you now.” 

The music video, a nightmarish glow-in-the-dark neon trip directed and animated by DJF, carries a fascinating feeling of dread and discomfort with its off-putting imagery, bringing to mind a hellish rendition of the 2001: A Space Odyssey stargate sequence. Its blend of darkness with vibrant colors and hectic camera movements conveys exactly the emotions set forth by the song—angst, apprehension, and power.

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“Lioness” serves as the second single off the band’s upcoming album, Joyboys In The Grindhouse, which is due to release this Friday. It follows the first single, “Reaper,” a tale of self-doubt and lack of control that pulls the listener in from the first note. 

The experimental rock quartet is known for their dark and offbeat forays into psych-rock, synth-pop, hip-hop, and other unique avenues of music. Their work touches on common themes among artists, that of substance use, self-medication, sex, tour experiences, and political resistance, and the sound of their music reflects these topics.

The band, which formed in Austin in 2018, consists of Devin James Fry on vocals and various instruments, Grant Himmler on bass, Garrett Hellman on guitar, and Marc Henry on drums.

“We made some brutal pop songs,” says Fry, “…and [we] celebrated everyone’s creative input along the way. Joyboys dips in and out of sonic worlds while still being very much a Name Sayers joint.”

The album’s title nods to both a wry sense of camp that imbues the project, and to Fry’s hands-on profession as a surgical instrument sharpener. 49 songs were written, demoed, and cut down to the 11 that constitute Joyboys In The Grindhouse. The album marks a pop evolution for the band, and features guest appearances from legendary MC5 guitarist Wayne Kramer, Brooklyn rapper Chris Conde, and Orlando rapper E-Turn.

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