DeeOhGee Unveils First Single Of 2023, Announces Upcoming Multi-Producer Project ‘Follow The Song’

Take it slow, play fast. That seems to be DeeOhGee’s playbook.

Formerly Blackfoot Gypsies, the metaphorically fraternal rock n’ roll trio of Matthew Paige, Zack Murphy, and Dylan Whitlow have whittled their craft to the tightest possible point. Having logged thousands of miles playing hundreds of shows across the country and the pond, the fun and freewheelin’ band have earned a rightful following of devoted fans. (Deeheads?) And if that doesn’t make them brothers, I don’t know what would. 

The “wild conglomeration of brothers” most recently released their new single, “Don’t Give Up On Love,” on July 14th, and is the first appetizer to their new project, Follow the Song.

The ambitious endeavor, set to unfold over the course of a year, involves recording individual tracks with a diverse lineup of esteemed producers and releasing them separately. And enlist an army of esteemed producers they did. 

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Among them is Grammy-nominated producer Duane Lundy, Bobby Bare Jr., Oakley Munson, and numerous others.

“Don’t Give Up On Love”

“Don’t Give Up On Love” – produced by Greg Lattimer- is the first of many for Follow the Song, and it leads you to a land of inspirational pop rock n’ roll, thrifty echoey caverns of sound, and some Jack White-esque guitar tones. “Don’t give up on love / Til you’re washed out / Used up / Til’ you’re a pile of bones,” Paige sings with his high-pitched classic rock voice. They sing about love, but one can imagine they are referring to their years-long struggle – and triumphs – on the road and as a band of brothers. 

DeeOhGee warps sound around your head like a boa constrictor, and just when you think you’re free, they hit you with another magnetic melody. They’ve honed their new era of sound in tight, staking their claim as one of Nashville’s premier rock n’ roll outfits. Follow the Song represents an unprecedented exploration of DeeOhGee’s creative limits, and pushes the boundaries of contemporary rock music.

Paige, lead guitarist and vocalist, expressed his enthusiasm for the project, stating, “We are thrilled to embark on this exciting journey with some of the most talented producers in Nashville and beyond. Each producer brings a fresh perspective to our music, and it has been a captivating experience witnessing how their input shapes our sound. The results so far have been nothing short of dramatic and exhilarating, with more surprises to come.”

And we’ll be here waiting to see those surprises.

Note* Paul Howard contributed to this article.

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