An Interview With Subway Sensations & Psych Rockers Blac Rabbit

Editor’s Note: Originally published February 2018

Our latest interview features a band who is bound to be a staple at music festivals of the future, and is currently blowing up in their hometown of New York City and beyond.

Blac Rabbit is a psychedelic rock band with a very unique style and introduction to the world. Identical twin brothers Amiri and Raheim Taylor were discovered by unofficial NYC talent scout New York Nico not just playing Beatles’ cover songs in the subway, but absolutely nailing them. To this day, there’s no proof the spirit of John Lennon didn’t split and find its way into the souls of these brothers.

Nico posted a video of the brothers singing and playing their guitars to his many thousands of followers on his social media accounts, which immediately led to a skyrocket in recognition for the talented brothers.

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We were able to catch up with Amiri and Raheim and ask them a few questions about their quick rise to the masses, and what the future brings for Blac Rabbit.

MUSIC MECCA: So how old are you guys?

RAH and AMIRI: We are both 23 years old, Patrick the drummer is 22 years old, and Josh the bass player is 23 years old.

MM: How long were you busking in the NYC subways before you guys got recognized by New York Nico?

R & A: We were busking for about two years before that magical day when Nico filmed us playing.

MM: And I mean I have to ask: who’s your guys’ favorite Beatle and why?

RAH: John because he seemed to be the most imaginative and creative.

AMIRI: George because he was the spiritual essence of the guys.

MM: I see you just released your first self-titled EP. Super exciting, and it sounds awesome. Where did you guys record it?

R & A: Thank you! We recorded and mixed the EP at our house, and at our manager Will’s house out in Rockaway Beach.

MM: So are you guys going to hit the road sometime soon? Any idea how many cities you’d like to hit/specific routes in mind?

R & A: Yes! We’re probably starting with some East Coast shows, but would love to visit all types of cities. Salt Lake City, Philly, LA, San Fran, and New Orleans are some we really want to hit.

MM: Do you have the wheels in motion for a full-length album? Rough-estimate release date or too soon?

R & A: We’ve started recording the next album, which is called “Interstella”. We’d love to have it done by the summer.

MM: If you could open for one band (currently alive/playing) who would it be?

R & A: Tame Impala.

MM: Do you guys plan on keeping Blac Rabbit’s home base in NYC?

R & A: For the time being, but we’d love to move somewhere warmer eventually like LA.

MM: Were/are you guys fans of the NYC punk scene of the 70’s? Ramones? Talking Heads? Television? Etc? Did they play a role in the development of Blac Rabbit?

R & A: Not really to be honest. We had a lot of influences from the 80’s and 90’s mostly.

MM: If you weren’t playing music, what would you guys be doing?

AMIRI: Psychologist or some sort of mountain guru. RAH: I would be a Mangaka artist or a voiceover actor.

For more info on Blac Rabbit and their music, check out their website HERE!

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