An Interview And Sneak Peak Into Her New Single With Soul-Pop Rocker Jenny Teator

Editor’s Note: Originally published January 2019

Jenny Teator is a Nashville based singer/songwriter on a fierce trajectory to reach the hearts and souls of all who tune in. Teator, originally from St. Louis, has been sharing her musical prowess in the spotlight for over ten years.

Before she made her move to Music City, she fronted the Columbia, Missouri band Jenny Teator and The Fevers. The band rocked the roofs of many venues in the area for several years, until she decided Nashville was where she needed to be. Her blues/rock style takes inspiration from singers such as Grace Potter and Susan Tedeschi, and this is aptly on display in her music. She can shred on guitar and belt lyrics out with powerful pitch.

Jenny is often out and about collaborating with fellow songwriters, playing shows around Nashville, and currently preparing for the release of her new single, “Surrender,” which hits major streaming platforms January 18th. Her heavy-hitting vocals accompanied with her lyrically driven songs will give you something to sing and dance to.  

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“Surrender” is a quintessential example of this. It’s a high energy anthem with a pulsing back beat, with her vocals being the dominant driving force. It’s a classic tale of being overcome with infatuation, for better or worse. It has all the makings of being a party favorite, steady radio jam, or could certainly see it on commercials.

We recently had the pleasure of asking Jenny some questions about her musical path, so without further adieu, here she is in her own words.

Music Mecca: So when did you move to Nashville?

Jenny Teator: June of 2017.

MM: Why not Los Angeles, New York, or somewhere else?

JT: Nashville is MUSIC CITY! I wanted to learn how to write, perform and create from the best around. I knew that it would be more affordable for me as well and I had never been to LA before. I visited Nashville when I was 21 and fell in love. I told myself “I’m going to move here some day”. It just felt right! I came up a few months prior to moving to get a better idea of where I’d want to live and knew right then this was where I wanted to be to grow as a songwriter.

MM: Who are your top three artists going into 2019?

JT: Dang, thats a hard one… always Tedeschi Trucks Band. Grace Potter and Elle King.

MM: Do you have any pastimes that may aide in the inspiration of your music? (hiking, drawing, parasailing, etc.)

JT: I typically write about personal experience… Theres plenty of past times I have written about!

MM: Do you recall the moment you decided to be a musician?

JT: September, 2012. I played some acoustic gigs, but never really got into SONGWRITING. I was in a 90’s cover band for a year or so which was a lot of fun… but then one day I wanted to start my own thing- I asked the guys if they wanted to back me and be in an original band. So I started writing songs and thats how Jenny Teator and The Fevers were formed!

MM: You have your first single, “Surrender,” set for release January 18th. What’s the motivation behind this song in particular?

JT: Surrender is about lust and curiosity. It talks about the primal “want” you get when someone comes into your life and they leave you wanting MORE. It’s more than just “I’m attracted to you”. Personally, it was this powerful gut feeling that took over my body, creating thoughts of what it could be like with this person. I think we are quick to disregard those moments and immediately feel “dirty” or “wrong” for thinking those thoughts. I’m saying, embrace it. We are only human. The possibilities are endless y’all!

MM: Do you have an album or EP in the works?

JT: That is next.

MM: Do you have a favorite spot to play in Nashville?

JT: I loved playing at The Basement East, the stage is big enough for me to do my thing and move around! 

MM: If you weren’t playing music, what could you see yourself doing?

JT: Oh man… I can only see myself doing music now… that is hard to think about doing anything else honestly. I don’t have a “back up plan”. I’m doing this. Is that bad?! Haha. I love fitness and self care, so maybe something in that realm.

Stay informed on what’s going on in Jenny’s world and learn more about her on her website HERE!

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