Psych Rockers Haewa Bring The Trippy Funk Rock To Rochester

Editor’s Note: Originally published February 2018

“Haewa can be better described by what it isn’t. The group jams, but it isn’t a jam band. It circles psychedelic rock, but doesn’t get lost in the ether. It’s a rock ‘n’ roll band that doesn’t adhere to merely the one, the four, and the five. It’s odd, but not intentionally obtuse….”

This quote is a testament to the eclectic and unique nature of Rochester, New York’s rock trio, Haewa. Upon the creation of Haewa in 2011, the band established its foundation by captivating their audiences with fearless improvisation and a heavy blanket of sound. Over the years, Haewa has built upon these roots to create a brilliantly unique sound that offers a sonic balance between utter chaos and pure bliss. Their sound encompasses unique songwriting, in-depth instrumental compositions, as well as pure improvisation. Combining the spirit of rock & roll with trance-like electronic influence, Brendon Caroselli (Drums/Pad), Collin Jones (Guitar/Vocals/Electronics), and Ben Chilbert (Bass) drive their audience down the road less taken, into a familiar but enlightening unknown that is Haewa.

Haewa is a mainstay to the Upstate New York music scene, bringing in new fans with each show. They’ve released five EP/LPs starting with “Deadwet Soundwaves” in 2012, to “Radio Hits” in 2017. You can listen and purchase digital downloads HERE.

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Haewa’s upcoming shows are as follows: 2/14 at the Westcott Theater in Syracuse, NY, 2/23 at Kings Rook Club in Erie, PA, 2/24 at Mojos in Jamestown, NY, 3/2 at Flour City Station in Rochester, NY, 3/3 at FLX Live in Geneva, NY, & more largely in the Western New York area.

To learn more, you can visit Haewa’s website HERE.

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