Florida Punk Rockers Protagonist Continue To Bring The Heat Two Decades Strong

Sunshine State rockers Protagonist have been a steady-rolling unit for nearly two decades. Their sound can bring about reflections of skipping school and smoking cigarettes, listening to the emergence of pop punk bands like NOFX, Sum 41, Blink 182, and so on. It should come as an inspiration to young bands everywhere that with a love and belief in your music, you can triumph over the lows and not let the highs gets to your head. The band has toured excessively over the years opening for familiar bands of the early oughts that make many of us reflect on the good times of our middle and high school lives, such as New Found Glory and Less Than Jake. The band is comprised of Peter Marullo (vocals), John Marullo (guitar), Brian Forst (guitar), and Kyle Macdougall (drums).

Protagonist was influenced by the onslaught of east coast punk bands in the mid-nineties. Artists hailing from the Philadelphia area where brothers John and Peter Marullo had grown up played a particular role in their influence.

Fast-forward to 2015 and Protagonist might be the best punk band that you’ve never heard of. On the contrary, they are perhaps a band that you believe you know their sound, history, and story. With their newest release, Jean Jackets in June, you might find yourself surprised. The signature Protagonist forbidden beat still remains, but there are indications of the places Protagonist wants to take us through this collection and more importantly, into the place where the members of Protagonist have their eyes continually set: the future.

For more info on Protagonist, be sure to check out their Facebook page HERE.

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