An Interview With Texas Country Duo The Highway Sisters

Editor’s Note: Originally published April 2018

Sometimes you can’t help but wonder how kindred spirits find each other, and connect on a level that fires on all cylinders. The importance of chemistry in a musical partnership can not be overstated, and for the Highway Sisters, they have it in spades. Whether it was divine intervention, the universe’s magnetic pull, or just plain old coincidence, Amelia Presley and KK Bodiford found each other, and the rest of us can go to sleep at night knowing miracles do exist.

Presley and Bodiford met in Nashville while recording harmonies for Dean Miller’s EP, and it was instantly clear they shared a common bond. Before long, “Highway Women” were born, soon thereafter known as Highway Sisters. Presley was born and raised in Mississippi, and yes, is in fact a relative of The King himself, Elvis Presley. Naturally she discovered her calling to play music, as it is in her DNA. She sold her beloved horse in order to record her first album, a true testament to just how bad she wanted to release the music inside her.

Bodiford hails from the flatlands of Kansas, and began her career as a finalist on “The Nashville Star” alongside Miranda Lambert. The creative bug runs deep with Bodiford as she is also a children’s author, having written the series “Bully-Proof-Dream.” She also penned Highway Women’s first single.

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Highway Sisters debut EP “Smoke & Mirrors” is officially available TODAY so be sure to get your fingers ready for tappin’ to make those virtual purchases. The girls call Texas home, and are gearing up for a string of shows in support of their EP release starting in California. In the thick of their busy schedule, we were fortunate enough to get a hold of Highway Sisters for a brief interview, so without further adieu:

Music Mecca: So how long have Highway Sisters been traveling the highways together?

Highway Sisters: Officially since August 2017

MM: April 13th your EP “Smoke & Mirrors” will be available for pre-sale: do you have a release show/tour planned? If so, where?

HS: All of our tour dates are available on our website but we will be doing a live interview on Fox 26 Great Day morning show in Fresno, California the day of the release.

MM: Not long ago you gals graced the stage of The Grand Ole Opry for a Ralph Stanley Tribute Show. Was that the most memorable/exciting show you’ve played? If not, what was?

HS: We would have to say that was definitely our most memorable stage to play on.

MM: Amelia, not everybody can boast they share DNA with The King, Elvis Presley. How big of a role did that play in your pursuit of devoting yourself to music?

HS: Elvis was never really that big of an influence in my career. He’s a distant cousin and visited our side of the family from time to time but he was gone long before I was born. My dad (Papa) was a huge influence, however. He sang and wrote songs for me as a kid constantly. I recently auditioned on national television for American Idol and the producers made a huge deal out of my relation to Elvis and even told me to say I was related to judges as well as sing an Elvis song. I learned how to play “Heartbreak Hotel” moments before walking into the audition and Luke Bryan was quoted saying, “I think Elvis would be proud.” It made me feel great that he said that, but I have never tried to ride on my last name and I’m a little disappointed that the Elvis relation was made into such a big deal on national television.

MM: KK, you were a finalist on the first season of “Nashville Star” alongside Miranda Lambert. How did you land that opportunity?

HS: Out of thousands of contestants, I auditioned for the tv show in Austin, TX. I was one of 12 to be picked as a finalist. We are actually doing a concert this Saturday in California with some of the Nashville Star finalists as well as the winner, Buddy Jewell.

MM: What’s one artist that can be found blasting through the speakers when you’re driving on tour that is NOT of the country music/singer-songwriter genre?

HS: Stevie Nicks, Jason Isbell, Ray Lamontagne

MM: If you could open for one band (currently alive/playing) who would it be?

HS: Chris Stapleton

MM: If you had to pick one artist to attribute you doing what you do, who would it be?

HS: Honestly, each other! Haha when we first met, we were both star-struck and thought the other was famous. We have drawn so much motivation and inspiration from each other.

MM: What’s your favorite thing about Texas?

HS: For the most part, everyone is so supportive of music here. It’s not so much a competition here between artists. We all support each other.

MM: If you weren’t playing music, what would you be doing?

HS: KK would be continuing to write children’s books focusing on kindness and the anti-bullying movement. Amelia would be song writing or working in a mechanical field such as her background (Coast Guard Machinery Technician 2010-2015/ Outside Machinist Apprentice 2016)

Much thanks to Highway Sisters for taking the time to chat with us, and again be sure to preorder “Smoke & Mirrors” available TODAY. You can learn more and listen to them on their website HERE.

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