An Interview With Rising Music City Pop Singer Brooke Alexx

Editor’s Note: Originally published March 2019

To the average person, Nashville conjures images of cowboy boots, honky tonks, and artists singing about whiskey, dirt roads, and tractors. While this is very much a reality, it’s important to note that there’s a whole other world of music here that spans all genres. After all, it is Music City, not Country Music City.

Brooke Alexx is one of many transplants here determined to make a name for herself in the pop music scene. She’s got a solid grip and vision on who she wants to be, and what she wants to say, and is quickly making a name for herself. As of yesterday (March 14th) Brooke released her latest single, “Bored,” which will be on her very first EP set for release later this year.

We had the chance to catch up with her and ask her some questions, so without further adieu, take it away Brooke!

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Music Mecca: So give us some background on who Brooke Alexx is.

Brooke Alexx: I’m a pop artist from northern New Jersey. I moved to Nashville almost two years ago to pursue my dream, and have since been collaborating, releasing music, and honing my sound!

MM: What would you say Nashville does better than NYC?

BA: Friendliness, for sure. That southern hospitality is real and makes me more conscious of my demeanor.

MM: How’s the pop scene in Music City? Who are some local artists that should be recognized?

BA: The pop scene is bumping and thriving here! Some notable upcoming pop artists are Rosemary Joaquin, Karen Hardy, and Jared Minnix. All three are friends of mine who are putting out great stuff!

MM: Do you have any pastimes that aide in the inspiration to your music? 

BA: Yes, I’m a photographer, videographer, and content creator. I make all promotional content for my brand. It’s super useful and allows me to have complete creative control.

MM: You just released your newest single, “Bored.” What’s the motivation behind this song in particular?

BA: I was seeing a guy who was super hot but never had anything interesting to say – specifically, over text. I’d make jokes and he just didn’t get it.

MM: Where was it recorded, who produced it, and what was the process like?

BA: I recorded the vocals in Nashville with my co-writer, Chase Coy (aka CHSR). The session went really smoothly since he knew the song so well already and kind of had a vision for it. The song was produced by Yuval Maayan, who is producing all the songs on my upcoming EP.

MM: Tell us about the upcoming EP.

BA: “Bored” is the second single set to appear on my first-ever EP, which will release at the end of this year! My previous single, “Lemonade,” will also be featured on it.

MM: Dream Scenario: You walk into a bar in Nashville. Immediately you see your favorite artist. You’re overcome with confidence as you walk over and pull up a stool next to [blank]. It’s up to you to start the conversation. What do you say?

BA: Hey Taylor, we should co-write sometime.

MM: If you could open for any present artist, who would it be?

BA: Taylor Swift is THE DREAM. But maybe a little more realistic would be Tove Styrke! Her sound is the main influence for my current stuff.

MM: If you weren’t playing music, what could you see yourself doing?

BA: Definitely something creative. I love aesthetically-pleasing visuals, which is why I love photography and design so much.

You can find Brooke’s single “Bored” on most streaming platforms, and be sure to learn more about her on her website HERE.

Photo by John Brown Photography.

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