Lauren Napier AKA Punk Rock Doll Releases Powerful Folk-Noir Tune In ‘Chapters Of Lace’

From poetry to modeling and everything in between, artist Lauren Napier does it all, holding nothing back in the process. And that process has produced her most recent single, “Chapters of Lace.”

Full of compelling chords and honest lyrics, Napier’s most recent single takes you back to a western era, yet adds a modern day spin on it. With lyrics such as, “I could say that I’m well, well overdue for a night of whiskey and wine to forget about you,” the singer lets out such vulnerable feelings, but in a most empowering way. Inspired by all forms of art and energy, Napier, aka PunkRockDoll, takes comfort in writing and creating music in her own special way. 

The singer-songwriter finds elements of her favorite music and puts creative tranquility in her songs. Having lived in a variety of places, such as various European countries and states throughout the U.S., the diversity of atmospheres allowed her to grasp multiple perspectives within her music. Finding a big passion in writing, she found herself studying Medieval Literature and German at Humboldt College in Berlin. 

After completing her studies, the singer had opportunities to write for Smash Magazine, Berlin Best, Tinsel Tokyo, and many more while also having gained experience in the music industry. From tour managing, booking, programming, modeling, and editing, she lacks no experience within her field, and is continually evolving her interests. Currently, she says she is working on a collection of short stories and new melodies, and isn’t scared of a challenge. In fact, she finds inspiration and excitement by the challenges that come her way. 

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According to her Spotify, “This latest musical incarnation is inspired by the organic richness of her surroundings, the pull of the moon, and a desire to add a bit of softness to the world; she is often accompanied by her feline, SAMO, a black cat who likes to purr along.” The appeal and intrigue only get deeper from there.

Strong and bright guitar chords start “Chapters of Lace” off while soft horn melodies start to ground themselves into the rhythm. With another similar sounding track in the album, “Mourning Moon,” you can expect to hear her distinguishable sounds creating vivid imagery, like that of the Old West like in “Dirty Deeds.”

Nonetheless, listeners can tell Napier is a force to be reckoned with, and she proves this to a great extent not only in her music, but in her day-to-day life. The multi-talented singer applies her passion and attention to detail into anything she sets her mind to, and clearly it makes an impact. As noted in her website, “It all comes down to the fact that Lauren is inspired and excited by a challenge, an excess of glitter, the scent of whiskey, and the unpredictability of a creative life.”

If that isn’t enough encouragement to go chase after your own goals, then what is? 

Photo by Kurt Moses at the Amargosa Opera House

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