Australian Indie Bedroom Pop Artist DOPE LEMON Drops Vivid New Single In ‘Rose Pink Cadillac’

Grab yourself a tasty cocktail and get ready for all things summer with DOPE LEMON’s newest single, “Rose Pink Cadillac”.

Australian indie bedroom pop artist DOPE LEMON swings for the fences in his chill new summer bop, “Rose Pink Cadillac”. With vibes reminiscent of Tame Impala and even Justin Beiber’s “Peaches”, he aims for the modern urban audience hungry for lust, love, and good times. His inviting and seductive vocals sing about an entrancing love interest, and the track as a whole harnesses a hypnotizing and magnetic quality.

DOPE LEMON, otherwise known as Angus Stone, is an accomplished and experienced singer-songwriter. Organically grown as a creative type, Stone was fostered by musicians from an early age. Stone joined his school’s band and played music with his family at events, including mandolin and the saxophone. His songwriting matured, and as he developed his own originals, Stone began his professional journey developing music with his friends. 

Like a number of artists, Stone has been a part of several projects along his musical journey, including indie pop duo Angus and Julia Stone, Lady of the Sunshine, and naturally his own name, Angus Stone. Finally, he developed his final pseudonym, DOPE LEMON, in 2019.

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The smooth groovin’ new track snaps into place with a wavy electric guitar, immediately lulling the listener into a chill, carefree state and contemplating shopping for tie-dye flare pants. With imagery of dancing and the smooth humming, “Rose Pink Cadillac”’ possesses lyrics akin to a Latin pop song.

He sings of his spunky love interest, a woman he doesn’t yet have, telling her, “Cause I love the way you move/Love what you do/Everything you are to me/Cause I love the way you are/Love what you talk/Evеrything you do is need”. Pulling in his history, DOPE LEMON offers subtle but effective saxophone to further enhance the overall seductive and alluring sound. 

DOPE LEMON’s song sings of mystery, love, and does not lack chill vibes, perfect for the new post-pandemic summer. So grab a pair of platform Converse and a coupe glass filled with your favorite adult beverage, because DOPE LEMON is bringing the hip vibrant energy, and you better dress the part. 

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