Latin-Infused Island Jazz Pop Group Louda Y Los Bad Hombres To Release New Single ‘Abejita’

“I just want to be Louda in that it’s an expression of who I wasn’t allowed to be growing up, who I was always so afraid to be growing up,” says Laura Camacho, the songwriter and lead vocalist of Louda

Vocal chameleon and singer-songwriter known as Louda, is days away from releasing her new single with Los Bad Hombres, “Abejita“, which officially drops this Friday August 20th. Born in Chicago and now living in the Bay Area, her powerhouse vocals, hip-hop rhythms, and Latin styles leave you wondering if there’s anything she can’t do. Due to her curiosity within her unique genre, splitting up her time between Chicago and California has certainly influenced her musical styles and make up the large extent of her brand. 

Having an interest in music growing up, Camacho didn’t take her interests seriously until high school. There, she auditioned for the school choir with no vocal training and she hasn’t looked back since. By pursuing her talents first, she received a performance scholarship to attend Northeastern University. Still longing for something more, she began to write and experiment in her solo artistry.

Early on in her artistry, she delivered many R&B and hip hop tracks with a gamut of different melodies and themes such as never-ending love in “Bells,” the enjoyment of life in “End of Summer,” and she creates an overall pleasant atmosphere of tracks in the album, Feedback.

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In her most recent single, she displays her roots in the Spanish-singing track that is “Abejita.” Turning the tables on her hip-hop tracks, she brings this jazzy and island-like tune to your ear leaving you feeling relaxed and able to unwind. The tranquil music also compliments her lyrics perfectly. The song creates clear pictures of love and contentment with lyrics such as, “he’s as wonderful as the sun,” expressing the love she has for someone, and when you have that love, you never want them to leave. 

From continual evolution within her lyrics, music, style, and name, she unquestionably puts everything she has into her art. When asked about her name, she said, “The name Louda, the actual solo artistry, feels ahead of me. It feels like it’s moving faster than I’m able to move, which is fantastic.”

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