SLO Ride: Indie Soul Rock Troubadours Próxima Parada Release Energetic & Optimistic New Single ’24 Brand-New Hours’

Dreaming of connecting with audiences around the world and having already toured nationally several times, Próxima Parada first extended their sound and passion to their community in San Luis Obispo, CA, after starting as college friends in 2012. As First Avenue put it, since performing at music festivals and historic venues, their music has earned awards and stretched globally, with their single “Time in a Circle” reaching almost three million Spotify streams. 

Soulful and uplifting, their introspective and distinct hard-hitting melodies followed their signing with New York record label, AntiFragile. Their vulnerability of personal struggles has shown them that the more personal and close to the heart, the more universal the song becomes. Although healing and transforming, the R&B band brings the fun and adds a lively groove. 

Parada’s debut EP, Makes You Wanna, gets you dancing with all of the feel-good funk. Featured in the collection is the single, “Blues in Dijón”, bringing an authentic jazz feel while “Next Stop: Porch Stompin’” creates the free-spirited campfire environment for a folk tune. 

Songs of Music then became their 2014 rock album, as the deep and soothing vocals get listeners reflecting on their lives. “Childhood” does just that, serving as a wake up call to growing up as they sing, “Life is a goldmine, don’t worry about the coal/Your stay has been pleasant, but your nest is getting old”. Combining genres in search of a good time, the back porch theme makes another appearance later throughout the project. 

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Stepping further into the alternative world in 2015 with Próxima Parada, the band moved to more chill rock tracks while continuing to incorporate their signature jazz instrumentals. Light and optimistic, tunes like “Sunshine” slowly take you away to escape your troubles. 

Big Seven of 2017 features their hit single, “Time in a Circle”, containing deeper meanings woven throughout that listeners can relate to in some capacity. Whether it’s choosing a simpler lifestyle or realizing there are things in your life that need rebuilding, everyone can relate to, “I decided to open my door up, but I hate the way my house looks now”.

Following their latest album, Kind Reminder, the band has released their newest single, “24 Brand-New Hours”. The relaxing rhythm, captivating bass, and breezy acoustics create space for you to breathe and take advantage of the time you’re given. Paradise isn’t too far away as they sing, “We can leave the ocean behind us, we’ve been holding our breath for long enough”.

No one is exempt from the reminder to not take life too seriously and to let go of what’s holding you down. As the summer approaches, take the opportunity to listen and soak up the days.

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