A Look At Rising Young Louisiana Country Pop Singer Laine Lonero & Her Single ‘How Far’

Recognized for her performances in opera and musical theatre at a young age, singer-songwriter Laine Lonero was born and raised in Louisiana, where she wrote her first song at just age 13 after being featured on four Kidzbop CD’s in 2016.

Soon after, she won first place with her song “The Little Girl in Me” for the Nashville Dreamin’ songwriting contest, written about her grandmother’s battle with cancer. Not to mention she has sung the National Anthem and God Bless America numerous times, one of which at the Wally Pontiff Classic Charity for a crowd of 15,000 people. 

With guitar and piano skills under her belt, Lonero continues to write and perform throughout The Pelican State and Nashville, capturing the attention of almost 16,000 monthly Spotify listeners. Carving her own path in pop-country for Gen Z, she adds her own flair through lyrical storytelling and powerful vocals. On top of paving her career, she spends time volunteering at local charities and her high school for the dance team, theater, and student council.

Featured on Radio Disney Country, her debut single “No Sweat” blends a catchy beat with subtle country acoustics, adding a bit of twang to the bold and sassy track. Showcasing her fierce confidence through the complementing music video, Lonero dances the pain of a broken relationship away as she sings, “Ain’t got all the time for the games you play…how can I be sad on a love halfway/I felt you always being distant, you were never committed”. 

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In a collaboration with Karianne Jean, she’s stepping further into the country world and playing with her deeper vocals in the latest single “How Far”. Bill McDermott, having produced for artists such as George Strait, Tim McGraw, Brett Eldredge, Martina McBride, and Michael Ray, had his hand on this record, capturing the passion woven through the lyrics, “Should’ve reached out and held my hand, should’ve kissed me in front of your friends/Should’ve done somethin’, given’ me somethin”. 

The emotional vulnerability throughout the contemporary country track creates a heartfelt tune set to a dynamic and lively melody, penned about not being able to fully love and see how the relationship could’ve been. In an interview with Your Life In A Song, Lonero explained, “This is actually a true story about myself and an experience I had not too long ago. Writing about a situation is my way of processing what happened so I can move on”. 

Loving the studio process, Nashville can expect to hear more from Lonero as she prepares to attend Belmont University and continue her musical journey.

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