Indie Songwriter Bobby Halvorson Teams Up With Tim Heidecker On Harmony-Rich Single ‘Never My Love’

We recently chatted with Sacramento-based indie songwriter Bobby Halvorson about his chilling previous single, “Nothing Feels Like Home,” which dropped last month, and he’s back with another gem.

Halvorson continues to pump out new singles thus far in 2022, and his latest hit streaming services last week on Valentine’s Day.

The track, “Never My Love,” is a cover of the acclaimed 1960s California sunshine pop band The Association, who were known for their rich floating harmonies, and were actually the lead act at the Monterey Pop Festival in 1967.

Halvorson recruited the help of another artist whose last name also starts with the letter H and is three syllables in the one and only Tim Heidecker. Yes, that Tim Heidecker.

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As a super fan of Heidecker’s I won’t go too far astray here, but for those who aren’t familiar, aside from his popular comedic and acting prowess, he’s also steeped in the music world, hence his joining of Halvorson on this track.

As per the original group’s version, the two singers execute the signature harmonies in this track with precision, lifting it to orchestral heights. Naturally, the vocals are the focal point, with the mellow indie pop groove guiding the melting voices together, painting a serene sonic picture.

The song is rich in undulating melody, and is a rock-solid homage to those who established this sound that was so prevalent in the 1960s. It’s not completely asinine to suggest it’s reminiscent in structure to a Beatles tune or the many others who delivered this kind of melodically magnetic sound.

And it wouldn’t be complete with at least a dose of psychedelia. Around the 2:20 mark, after some permeating “With me”s, the song drifts off with a lingering sustain that could suggest the end of the tune as it slowly fades out. Just as you think they’ve lulled you to a final state of relaxation, they reel you back in with the song’s signature guitar riff, and back they go. “Never my love…”

The tender delicacies of Halvorson’s music stands out among others, and he offers a truly unique and endearing perspective both lyrically and instrumentally. It looks to be a bright year for this artist and his expanding catalogue.

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