Asheville Instrumental Aces The Jon Stickley Trio Release Fresh New Single ‘Take The Air’

With their mind-melting instrumental performances and musical variety, the Jon Stickley Trio can be counted on to do a show that would give Paganini a run for his Euros.

Hailing from the the rich musical haven of Asheville, the Jon Stickley Trio is composed of frontman and guitarist Jon Stickley, violinist Lyndsay Pruett, and drummer Hunter Deacon.

The trio prides itself on its extensive range of musical influences in all genres, but artistic integrity is the ultimate name of their game. They draw their biggest musical inspirations from a roulette wheel of artists like Green Day, Duran Duran, Chuck Berry, Tony Rice, and Nirvana to name a few, all while adding their signature flair. 

In regards to their most recent work, Stickley feels eager about the efforts of his group. “The Trio feels fresher and hotter than ever,” he says. “We’ve hit our stride in terms of creating tunes that are uniquely us and that’s a really exciting place to be musically.”

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The trio’s breezy new single, “Take the Air,” officially hit all streaming platforms this past Friday, February 18th. The lively and virtuosic single is technically elaborate, with a complex meter as well as personal improvisation during instrumental solos. Despite the abnormality of the song, its unique groove is sure to have you feeling its radiant energy. According to the band, the goal for “Take the Air” was for it “To do the same justice for 7/4 time signature that ‘Take Five’ did for 5/4 some sixty years ago.”

For this new single, Stickley reflects on the harrowing events that inspired this uplifting track: what else but the pandemic. “Over the last couple of years,” says the guitarist, “I found a lot of comfort in getting outside and taking walks. This song, ‘Take the Air’ came to me after taking a stroll and thinking about all the picker buddies I was missing. It’s the kind of laid back tune I’d love to sit around on the porch and play with some good friends. I hope it brings everyone a little peace like a good walk can.”

With their improvisational abilities, artist integrity, and lively groove, the Jon Stickley Trio is sure to have fans far and wide taking flight with their newest single, “Take the Air”.

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