In Retrospect: Top 5 Breakup Songs Of April

April showers bring May glowers! That’s how the saying goes, right? Or is it “April showers bring May cowers?”

“Loss of willpower?” 

Either way, we know there’s a lot of rain involved, and for some of us, that dark cloud won’t just magically disperse once a new month arrives. If that happens to be you, don’t fret! I have a list of songs perfect for anyone suffering from love’s keen sting (cue the Harry Potter fanatics), so kick back, let those tears fall, grab every snack in your pantry, and bask in the fact that it can only get better from here.

5. “Eyes Bleed Water”Hueston

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“Eyes Bleed Water” by Hueston gives us the heavily essential R&B break-up anthem this list needs, layered in groovy beats and a choir-like chorus full of soul. This is a song dedicated to the ones in their pissed-off stage of grief, cursing in exasperation over a love now erased, desperately trying to play it cool while internally drowning in pain. And the worst thing out of all of it is, he might just be the one to blame. The song parallels this laid-back front by masking its woeful lyrics with an up-beat, head-nodding impression, ending in a chanted declaration of defeat.  

4. “Me Over You” Lauren Weintraub

So it wasn’t technically released in April (March 29th to be exact), but Lauren Weintraub’s “Me Over You” is too good to overlook (and this is my list, so I make the rules). The country rising star cleverly uses the title phrase “me over you” to signal a transition from toxic behaviors in an effort to get over someone, to choosing self-love in an effort to get over those same toxic tendencies. It’s the beginning of a revival. A hopeful commitment to letting go and finding peace. This track reminds the broken-hearted whose love is most important. (Hint: it’s not the asshole that took you for granted).

3. “I Don’t Know What I Would Do” – Grace Elizondo

Ever thought about how you’d respond if you ran into your ex? Will you attempt to be civil and offer a quick greeting? Or will you walk right by as if they didn’t exist? In Grace Elizondo’s song “I Don’t Know What I Would Do” from her When the Clouds Come EP, she tackles this looming anxiety amidst the ever-present hurt over what was lost, creating scenario after scenario in her head until it consumes her. With her moving vocal and lyrical excellence, Elizondo’s track conveys the palpable ache that comes with any break-up. 

2. “Why” – Briston Maroney

Pure frustration embodies Briston Maroney’s track “Why” off his newest album Sunflower. Throughout the record we are transported into Maroney’s internal struggle following an ended relationship. Confused about his lingering feelings but unwilling to move on, he reveals how far he’ll go in order to restore the love that once was, if just for one night, even if it means being someone else. Exploding in a fit of passion and longing, this song is definitely one of those scream-at-the-top-of-your-lungs-while-tears-stream-down-your-face jams. I’m all for it.

1. “Dear Delilah” – Nick Noon

Heartache can be a cruel slap in the face, a rude awakening to a blinded sense of mutual affection. And sometimes, the hero in your love story turns out to be a villain in disguise, where trust is broken like the cracks in your heart. Nick Noon seamlessly captures this feeling of betrayal from another, along with the betrayal of himself, in his single “Dear Delilah”, a piano-led ballad bathed in raw, lonesome regret. “And I believed you were what I needed/ But I never thought I was going to be wrong,” Noon emotionally croons beside an orchestra’s melancholy swell. Yeah, you’ll need some tissues for this one.

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