Jazzy Indie Pop Songwriter Trip Carter Drops Newest Spirited Single With ‘Heavyweight’

Oftentimes, it’s good to take a break and rely on others to bring you up. When you can’t be strong for yourself, someone else can help you find a place of relaxation and contentment.  

Trained jazz bassist and songwriter Trip Carter brings this message to life by putting a unique pop spin on his newest single, “Heavyweight”. Encouraged by his father, the singer-songwriter and rapper has explored instruments for the majority of his life, but found his artistry through a band he joined in high school. He attended the University of Southern California to study jazz, where he met his now collaborators, Felly and Gyyps. These three instantly connected, and Carter had the opportunity of joining them on tour traveling to thirty five different cities playing bass.

The Los Angeles native has been releasing music as an independent artist since 2018 and is not stopping or holding back. From his first single, “True”, he has clear influences of hip-hop, pop, and jazz throughout all of his songs. “Heavyweight” highlights a mix of soul and pop focusing on leaving troubles and despair in the past. Carter explained that this single is an anthem to his loved ones for always holding him down and encouraging him to keep going. With lyrics such as, “I can’t be strong for me, you tell me come through,” the songwriter creates an image of a significant person pushing him to continue going and supporting him to be his best. 

From the opening notes, Carter creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Instantly, the song gives listeners a feeling of a celebration of summertime while being with friends and acknowledging just how powerful the connections we share with one another are. Throughout the song, there is a steady infectious beat that keeps you tapping your foot and wondering where the melody will go next. 

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With such broad instrumental knowledge, it without a doubt shows in his music. Carter knows just the right sounds to draw listeners in with bright guitar, subtle percussion, and electronic pop influences. The song represents the same magnetic energy from start to finish, which provides steadiness for his raw lyrics and voice to shine. 

Being a self-taught instrumentalist, singer-songwriter and producer, Carter has had anything but a smooth road. He’s faced rejection and had many doors shut, but it has only made his will to persist stronger. Because of his background, musical creativity, and experience, he feels like it is what sets him apart, and says “he would not trade his musical journey for the world”.

Merely in his mid-twenties, Carter has already been given opportunities to travel the world playing music with other creatives, and he soon hopes to share his own original sound with the world through live music again. It seems that his current passion is to keep preparing his original works to take off more in the coming years, and he’s getting fired up just thinking about it. 

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