A Look At Rising Indie Pop Band Foxhall & Their Single ‘New Tonight’ From Their Debut EP ‘Color Theory’

In a world of muted greys and global pandemic blues, indie pop band Foxhall paints highly saturated anthems that are destined to stand out.

Originally hailing from Lakeland, Florida, Foxhall started in 2017 as a high school cover band composed of members Tanner Ledford, Cameron Giddens, Noah Hickey, and Caleb Pierce. Although they found success at backyard concerts and high school showcases, the group took a hiatus and went their separate ways upon graduation—but this wouldn’t be the end of Foxhall. 

A year later, Foxhall reunited and reignited their creative spark. The group released their debut EP, Color Theory, in 2019, thanks to the generosity of fans funding the project. Decorating their social media with colorful gradients and abstract graphics, Foxhall’s visual curation matches their vibrant synth-fused melodies throughout the EP. Clocking in at 22 minutes and consisting of just six tracks, Color Theory gives a brief yet generous debut of the band’s talent. Its bright synth-pop influences blend well with its optimistic rhythms, and the EP is sure to be a hit amongst longtime indie fans.

The group is celebrating the first anniversary of their single “New Tonight”, an indie-pop track reminiscent of fellow alternative groups like COIN or Local Natives. Starting with only an acoustic guitar and piano, the song builds with instrumentation as it progresses sonically. It paves the way for a catchy chorus lyrically describing the vivid intensities of a new relationship.

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Packed with dynamic energy, “New Tonight” is a guaranteed staple anthem for any indie kid’s playlist. Overall, the single is a great introduction to Foxhall’s catalog of colorful tunes. Foxhall is continuing to create music, anticipating more projects to come in 2021.

Their song “New Tonight”, the single from the EP Color Theory, is available on all streaming platforms. This radiant spectrum of an EP proves that Foxhall’s creative journey is far from over. In fact, it’s just the beginning.

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