Freshly Squeezed: A Look At Nashville Soul Pop Songwriter Fresh Lady & Her New EP ‘Citrine’

Brooklyn-born soul singer-songwriter Emma Morcroft, who goes by the moniker Fresh Lady, has a knack for the fun and lighthearted no matter what she’s singing about, and this rings truer than ever in her newest 4-song EP Citrine

Working with production team Handmade Nashville (Chris Gill and Gavin Shea), Fresh Lady creates an EP that inspires strength, spirit, and fearlessness. Known as the “vitamin C of the soul,” the title for Lady’s EP is based on the yellow citrine stones from her great uncle’s semi-precious stone collection. She learned that citrine radiated joy and raised self-esteem, and when used in manifestation it attracted abundance and improved creativity. Sharing this collection of songs was her way of releasing that energy into the world. 

The songs in question were written during an immensely transformative time in her life – going through heartbreak, moving across the country, giving up drinking, and discovering a love for herself. In her music, Fresh Lady manages to discuss these challenges of life with an uplifting vitality, oozing positivity in everything from her motivating lyrics to the hearty guitar riffs to the funky bass lines. She prompts her listeners to find power in themselves, challenging them to let go of their insecurities and find their glow. 

With a bit of spunk, Citrine captures you into a timeless atmosphere laden with vintage roller skates, juicy watermelons, red-hearted sunglasses, and a summertime peace of mind. 

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In case you’re not yet intrigued, I’ve provided a deeper insight into each song, giving you the low down into her sound and mind. So without further adieu…

Love is Mine – Fresh Lady kicks off with a song directed towards the independent queens of this generation. With dreamy synths, 80’s-inspired strings, ethereal harmonies, and a groovy beat that makes it impossible for you to stay still, the listener is encouraged to take back their claim on love with no apologies. This is one of those songs that you’d want to begin and end your day with, reminding you of who you are while sparking a light in your heart. I’m not exaggerating when I say that it’s actually impossible to not feel free while listening to this. Free and infinitely full. 

Shoot for the Moon – The empowerment continues on with another soulful, dancer-ready number that offers the perfect advice for all the independent artists out there. Dressed in a retro flair, Fresh Lady reminds us that there’s no wrong way to get where we want to go as long as we’re following our own hearts on our own paths – everyone’s got a different timeline, so we must trust ourselves and hold onto our dreams. In times like this, it’s incredibly refreshing to have an artist in love with the idea of loving yourself. No one can love ourselves like we can. And shouldn’t that be something to celebrate? She sure thinks so, and maybe we should, too.

Sorry Sasha – This tune is about that person – Sasha in this case – who dates your toxic ex, shifting perspectives to watching someone new go through the same crap as you. But instead of projecting pettiness onto Sasha, Fresh Lady sticks with soul and sisterhood – the whole “it’s him, not us” vibe that is most often accurate to a situation like this. Introducing a jazzy-pop zest (shoutout to the effortlessly brilliant trumpet player) and a caring message mixed with a hint of satire, the song offers an electrifying melody, her intoxicating vocals singing lyrics that, for some of us, hit it right on the nail: “He ain’t no good man/ he just knows how to please ya / don’t let him fool you again/ how many times will he leave ya”. 

Easily – Soaked in deliciously lustrous reverb synths and harmonious layers, Fresh Lady’s last song on her EP is the perfect send off to showcase her impeccable lyrical delivery and aptitude for catchy anthems. The song puts a spotlight on that certain someone that you can’t help but fight for. Electro-pop at its finest, this tune, like all the rest that came before it, is a singalong in its flawless form. A rainbow of infinite color next to a bright and warm sun. Impossible to ignore. A job well done.

In times we need a pick me up, Citrine has our back, thriving off of lively resilience and unfettered perception. Infused with definite potential, I have a feeling that this is just the beginning for Fresh Lady, and I’m anxious to see what more she has in store for us.

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