Get To Know: Atlanta R&B Pop Singer Mary Leigh Moseley Drops Sultry New Single ‘El Dorado’

There’s a new kid on the block – a classic “cool girl” delivering her own take on pop music, and she’s the kind of artist you wish you’d found sooner.

Mary-Leigh Moseley, who also goes by ML Moseley, is a 20-year-old independent artist based in Atlanta, Georgia. Born and raised in Valdosta, GA, the singer-songwriter developed an interest in music at six-years-old when she began taking voice lessons; 14 years later, she is applying her classical training and extensive range to a dark pop, R&B sound. On top of being a full-time student, Moseley is an entirely self-made artist; citing music as her first and only true love in life, and her parents’ inspiring work ethic, it is no wonder that this young artist is ready to tackle any obstacle that stands in her way to reaching her dreams.

Her first single, “Thin White Line” received immediate hype, which is warranted; the country-pop ballad showcases Moseley’s rich, sultry voice and her strong songwriting skills. Talented beyond her years, she weaves stories into her lyrics and writes complex melodies that suit her stunning voice. With over 10,000 streams on “Thin White Line,” Moseley’s career has started with a bang.

“El Dorado”, Moseley’s sophomore release is a sultry pop-R&B piece that tackles the subject of toxic masculinity and emotionally unavailable men. While this sounds heavy, “El Dorado” plays with layered vocals and R&B beats that give it an effortlessly cool sound.

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The melody puts her full range on display, starting in her husky lower range and traveling to her striking head voice. Driven by confidence, Moseley’s performance of “El Dorado” is a very strong follow-up to her successful first release; in her music, it is clear that her ambition pays off. 

With an EP in the works, it is hard not to be excited to see what comes next from Moseley. Her many years of experience and training show in her skillful writing and performance, almost making you forget she is just 20 years old – but, with her career taking off it is clear that the only way for the young artist is up. 

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