Bay Area R&B Pop Singer Ztilo Drops Passionate Music Video For New Single ‘I Got You’

After a four-year hiatus, R&B artist Ztilo has returned to the scene – and the Bay Area artist is ready to make 2021 his year.

Originally pursuing a hip hop career under the moniker, Cristiles, Ztilo has reinvented his sound, drawing inspiration from modern R&B and his Latin roots. Passion and swagger come together under his new persona, giving way to a more emotional side of Ztilo’s music and performance. This second chapter of his career showcases his artistic depth and proves that Ztilo is no one-trick pony.

Since April, Ztilo has released five singles, each with a slightly different vibe, but an overarching vulnerability ties the set together. The diversity of sound displayed in the singles shows the maturation Ztilo has gone through as an artist and writer over the last few years. His status as a seasoned performer shows in his new music too: the clear confidence present in his voice is proof of the growth and change he experienced during his hiatus.

His most recent single, “I Got You” taps into this emotional side, promising someone that he’d stay even through the hardest times. The driving beat and finger-picked guitar set “I Got You” apart from its predecessor, “Missing You”, but Ztilo’s catchy songwriting and smooth voice establish consistency between the singles. The lighter feeling of “I Got You” is only emphasized by the darkness of “Missing You,” which highlights Ztilo’s emotional depth and ability to write songs that sound like love and heartbreak. 

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Along with the development in his writing, the evolution of production and performance from his work as Cristiles, to Ztilo’s “I Got You,” are evident of the hard work he has put in during his artistic transition. There is a simplicity to the instrumentals and understated, stripped quality to the vocals, which creates a refined sound that puts him in the ranks with modern R&B artists all over the map.

The accompanying music video for “I Got You” is equally as emotional as the song, focusing on Ztilo’s passionate performance of the song. Shot in a cabin, the video is dark and vintage-inspired; simplicity is again on the forefront, with just Ztilo and an actress in a single setting. The emotional message of the song – being there for someone you love no matter what – is made obvious by the actress’ performance and Ztilo’s pleading, promising demeanor. 

With a lot of content out already this year, it is hard to imagine that Ztilo is stopping any time soon. Without any official announcements of more releases or live shows, it’s hard to say what’s next from this Bay Area artist, but it’s safe to assume it will continue the trend of Ztilo’s passionate and evolved performance. 

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