First Look: Nashville Pop Singer-Songwriter Haley Ganis Discusses Anxiety & Mental Health In New Single ‘The Crowd’

With experience in acting and singing, songwriter Haley Ganis grew up in New York training for the arts.

She graduated from AMDA (The American Musical and Dramatic Academy), and a month after, she landed her first role in the independent film Cathy Coppola. Other roles have included the lead in The Conversation at Theatre 54, a supporting role in the web series Airy Jeanine, and the Stacey/Ivy Understudy in bare: A Pop Opera at the York Theatre among others. 

In the music world, past performances have included places such as the Rockwood Music Hall, Arlene’s Grocery, The Bowery Electric, The Bitter End, and Pianos. Currently playing gigs and writers rounds in Nashville when she can, Ganis bears her soul with bittersweet and nostalgic perspectives on life, which are revealed through her music. 

First releasing a collection of three songs in 2017, “Risk It All”, “Traveling West”, and “Crash and Burn” present authentic country acoustics that mix with a heartfelt singer-songwriter sound. Not too far after, “Hey Now” hit platforms, with a reminiscent beat of pop-country that adds something more to the traditional singer and guitar style.

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Sinking her toes a little deeper into the pop world, “Backwards”, “The Motions”, and “Letting Go of Tokyo” found themselves added onto her catalog in 2020. Putting more attention to the production, mysterious and weightless pop melodies intertwine with her lyrical storytelling to create something unique. 

Fresh to streaming platforms as of today, Ganis released her brand new track, “The Crowd,” which is one that many could find themselves relating to.

It’s the non-stop spinning of anxious thoughts and worries that are difficult to get out of your head, making it hard to catch a breath. The second verse listens, “I’ve tried to turn the noise out and make some space, but if I let the ball drop then I’m gonna break/It’s a lot to carry, when you’re tryin’ to be happy/Could I be the only one who feels this way?”. An even more insightful line then pops up, singing, “I know I’m alone but it’s elbow to elbow”, creating an image of stiffness with no space left to relax. Yet even with this expression of a heavier topic, Ganis’ voice remains soft and smooth, creating a light touch to give much needed room.

Ganis says of the track, “I wrote it during the beginning of the pandemic, all-out quarantine mode, and so I was obviously spending A LOT of time alone. I was forced to look inwards a bit more than usual, and what resulted was a song about anxiety and mental health. Although it’s a serious song topic, I kept it sweet and whimsical. Dylan Maloney produced it and absolutely nailed it.

And in regards to how she feels about the Nashville pop community, she said “Nashville has really helped me hone my writing and sound over the past few years. I’m so lucky to have an inspiring, supportive, and collaborative pop community here!

You can stream the new single wherever you get your music.

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