A Look At California R&B Pop Artist Moody Bank$ & Her New Single ‘Strawberry Amnesia’

Born in Torrance, California, Moody Bank$ and her family relocated to Corona, California, where she spent most of her childhood. Growing up, she was wrapped around music, art, poems, writing, painting, and designing clothes. After turning to basketball in grade school, she went on to earn a scholarship at a Division II college where she played and graduated.

But the desire to make music never ceased within her.

Soon after, the Live Music Capital called her name. Now pursuing her music career in Austin, the R&B pop singer released her first few songs into the world just last year. 

Moody believes that music is an outlet for self-expression and that sometimes it’s easier to just let the music speak when we can’t. In light of last year, “Quaran’tea” casually came out in April of 2020, pulling you into a fantasy with the dreamy production of longing to be with someone through those lonely days. August then saw the single “D R E A M P O R T”, smoothly blending ethereal sounds with an uptempo beat. Now her debut EP from October, Full Blunts and Full Moons, contains her hit track “Saturday,” and her new single “Strawberry Amnesia”. 

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While her captivating vocals tell of how the week usually plays out in the former, the latter remains cool and collected while telling of not knowing anything about love. However, the song didn’t start out the way she thought it would.

Effortlessly smokey and airy, she sings the hook, “I run, run, run, running all I do/Don’t know a thing about love”. She laid out the meaning saying, “When my friend, who just had her wedding called off by her ex-fiance, heard the beginnings of the song she understood the mood. At that moment, her story sort of became the attention of the song”. The hurt and confusion that leads to heartbreak can actually bring people closer together through shared experiences, which is what Moody wants to relay. Throughout the rest of the album, she finds a way to softly carry listeners emotionally through each melody, unpacking desires and struggles in the lyrically abstract concepts. 

Not stopping there, the sultry “Loving You” released earlier this February, with lyrics reading, “We don’t have to run away from here, promise we could take it slow my dear/So tell me are you up for second chances”. The sound captures her musical essence, and listeners can also expect the song “Rollercoaster” to be out on March 5th.

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