First Look Friday: Nashville Songwriter Liz Bohannon Drops Newest Single ‘Call It What It Is’ With EP To Follow

Chilling and enchanting, Liz Bohannon’s newest single, “Call It What It Is” is a subtle yet bold call on what it means to be real in a relationship.

Opening with a powerful and passionate piano piece that leads to a most alluring sound, the ears of the listener are hooked from the very beginning, curious to see where the song leads. “I’ve fallen like the dark before the morning, never felt the flash of warning” is but one striking lyric on this track to tell of how relationships need honesty, and to not pretend with their emotions.

Born and raised in Nashville (what one may deem a “unicorn”), the indie pop songwriter first started releasing music in 2016, and has since released numerous singles. Her October single, “Wanted”, contrasts the heartbreak of leaving someone you love, but at the same time being willing to do anything to get back. The lyrical storytelling combined with the lively melody and chorus makes it one for jamming through the speakers with the windows down. Her recent music video portrays just that, while also displaying the heartache of feeling alone and doing what’s best for the one you love. 

Bohannon has written dozens of songs with significant writers, and cut her first EP with Grammy award winner Daniel Tashian. She has had multiple sync placements in television and film, and until recently, had been a regular performer at famed Hillsboro Village mainstay, Brown’s Diner.

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Some notable songwriters Bohannon has worked with include Jeff Trott (Sheryl Crow), Rob Jackson (notable Nashville guitar guru), and Hall of Fame lyricist Layng Martine. However, her message for aspiring songwriters is to just start writing, and realize there’s no need to wait until they get connected with “bigger” names.

She also makes sure that even though music is her passion, that other parts of her life aren’t being neglected and thrown to the side. Having a healthy lifestyle includes working on all areas of your life, and while she completes a lot of writing in her home studio, Bohannon also recognizes the importance of switching up locations in order to stimulate her creativity.

“Call It What It Is” is her second single release, which will be a part of her upcoming EP, set to be released later this year through OneRPM. For more on Bohannon, check out her piece with American Songwriter.

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