A Chat With LA Pop Singer Sadie Cannon & Look At Her New Single ‘Take Me Home’

“Chill, yet extremely extra.”

Those four words are all that are used to describe Sadie Cannon on her “About” section on Spotify. Short and sweet, the description gives insight to the chill yet extremely extra songs she creates, songs which are soothing musically yet relatable and insightful lyrically. 

Originally from small town Florida, Sadie relocated to Nashville for a year and a half before finally settling in Los Angeles. And honestly, LA suits her style the best — both musically and aesthetically. Her singles are the perfect soundtrack for cruising down the golden coast at sunset, watching the sun dip behind the Pacific Ocean while painting the sky pink. Her sultry vocals nod to R&B starlets like Kehlani or Summer Walker, while her chill pop production gives her music a dreamy ambience. 

Cannon released a handful of tracks last year, both features and individual releases. 

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She released her single “Take Me Home” on Friday, November 20th, a song she calls “an ode to the familiar while taking a leap into the unknown.” As the song’s primary vocalist and songwriter, its theme is reflective of her journey as a blossoming artist in LA along with her personal vulnerabilities in relationships. 

The song’s verses represent loneliness in moving to a new city where no one knows who you are, loneliness that is portrayed by a city filled with starless skies, a table set for one, or watching TV alone. Meanwhile, the chorus reflects on how someone can remind you of the familiar symbols of childhood: a swing set in third grade, the first car driven at age 16, or the trees climbed outdoors. The message is about how another person can bring you back to the old familiarities of your hometown roots, even when you’re in the loneliest of places. The theme of “Take Me Home” is sure to resonate with many given the current loneliness many of us find ourselves in during the global pandemic. 

We interviewed Cannon to discuss her latest release, what she’s all about, and more.

So where did you grow up, and who or what got you into writing music?

I’m originally from a small town in Florida called Ocala. I was singing and performing from a very young age. My earliest memory of writing a song was when I got a digital camera for Christmas and would record myself singing whatever I was feeling. Alongside this, I played various instruments. Via the inspiration of child stars like Taylor Swift, Jonas Brothers, and Miley Cyrus, I started consistently writing my own songs in middle school. 

How would you describe your sound and style to those wondering what you’re all about?

I would say my music is a cross between pop/r&b and future bass. I have a very low voice that brings a sultry edge to my music. Think if Etta James was into soft EDM. I love artists like Kehlani, JoJo, and Alina Baraz. 

What does your songwriting process typically look like?

It starts one of two ways: either I’ll put a playlist together and have my friends help me make a beat aligning with my vision, or I’ll start on the guitar or piano for framework, then add production later. I’m constantly taking voice notes in my everyday though. I’m always ready for inspiration to strike.

So I was hoping you could talk about your new single “Take Me Home.” What’s the inspiration and influence behind it?

A year ago I went home for my Grandma’s 90th Birthday. This was the first time in awhile that I went back after spending about a year in LA. I reconnected with an old fling, which reminded me how dope it was to be around someone who’s known you for so much of my life. Especially when I consistently was meeting new people from all backgrounds. 

Is it a standalone single or can fans expect to see it on an upcoming EP or LP?

This is the kick off to a consistent string of releases I have ready for 2021. 

Where was it recorded and produced?

This was recorded and produced between my bedroom and my producer Max’s bedroom. 

What kinds of messages and feelings do you try to deliver in your music? 

I try to capture the emotions that lie within the intricate moments of our lives. There’s a reason that we feel like a certain song fit the “soundtrack” of our own personal movie. I hope to capture moments that are specific yet relatable for listeners to gravitate towards, while they mutually experience the emotions that my songs portray.

What does success as a musician and songwriter mean to you?

Somewhere between inspiring as many people as I can to being able to consistently buy the nice fruit at the grocery store.

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