Country Pop Singer Callie Prince Talks New Summertime Single ‘On A Beach’

Country pop artist Callie Prince has officially released her breezy new single, “On A Beach,” today May 6th.

Co-written by Prince, Sam Johnson and Jake Gantt, “On A Beach” is a mid-tempo contemporary earworm that elicits visions of digging toes in the sand, grabbing something cold, and taking a break from the madness of the world.

“’On A Beach’ was written on a gloomy day when the only place my co-writers and I wanted to be was in the sun sitting in the sand enjoying a good drink,” she says.

Produced by Daniel Dennis, the new single is the latest from Mississippi born and raised Prince, who now calls Nashville home. Working hard to establish herself among the ranks of Music City’s more exciting young country pop singer-songwriters, she’s independently released five singles in 2020 and 2021, and her Spotify and Apple Music streams currently hover near 750,000.

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We got the chance to talk to Prince to learn more about her, the new single, and more.

So what led you to pursue a life as a songwriter? 

I was on the way to Nashville when I was sixteen, and I heard a song that Hardy had written, and I was just speechless at how great it was. So, after that trip, I came home and taught myself how to write a song.

Let’s talk about your upcoming single, “On a Beach.” What’s the inspiration and backstory behind it?

“On A Beach” is a fun summer song that makes me want to just go away and sit in the sun, and not worry about anything else! I wrote this song with two of my best friends, Sam Johnson and Jake Gantt. We sat down to write and we all agreed that we didn’t want to write a breakup song or love song that day. So Jake played us something he had in his notes and it kinda just went from there.

What do you think makes this song stand out among others that sound like it/hold a popular if not overused theme, especially in Nashville?

I feel like this song stands out because it sounds like a beachy, summer song without actually sounding too much like one. And that sometimes is hard to accomplish, but I think we nailed it!

What messages or feelings do you typically try to convey in your music?

I try to convey real feelings that everyone can relate to no matter the situation they have been through. 

What does a day in the life of your songwriting process look like?

It normally begins with me getting together with some of my buddies and us throwing ideas out until one just sticks with all of us. Then a couple hours later (maybe a few breaks in between) we have a song! 

How important is authenticity and originality in your music?

It is very important to me! When I write, I want someone to be able to know me and know why I’m a songwriter just by listening to a 3-minute song, whether it be fun and upbeat or a slower song.

Do you write songs for yourself or for other people/the charts?

I typically write for me, but I have had other artists cut songs I’ve written, which is pretty cool!

If you could tour and/or collaborate with any present-day artist, who would it be and why?

I would, without a doubt, pick Lainey Wilson. I have been a huge fan of her music for the past couple years. And she seems like a super fun person to tour/collaborate with!

What else might fans expect from Callie Prince this spring and summer?

They can expect a music video (maybe!) for “On A Beach!” And definitely more music!

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