Brooklyn Indie Pop Rockers Modern Diet Drop Buoyant New Single ‘Smaller’ Ft. Margaux

Brooklyn indie rockers Modern Diet have emerged from hibernation with their lively new single, “Smaller.”

Having been dormant since early 2020 for obvious reasons, the quintet is back, and offer listeners a soulful, modern indie sound that touches the reflective side of ourselves with “Smaller.” The track is the lead single off of their forthcoming LP, The State of Things, out June 7th, 2022.

The single is the first release since the songs of their Post Grad EP, which came out in 2020. Lead singer Jake Cheriff found the perfect match for his breezy, summer day vocals in Margaux who is featured on the track, and together they illustrate the waking realizations which arise after a breakup. 

Modern Diet formed out of friends who kept in a similar music circle in The Big Apple, and they’ve been off and running since. 

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During an interview with Pop Dust in 2016, Cheriff described the band’s sound as, “Sad boys in an urban landscape.” Past songs like “Red Eye” picture a falling relationship with intriguing lines like, “I can see the sun, at the end of this echo parade,” which is reminiscent of their newest release.

“Smaller” features an earthly percussive rhythm with claps and smooth guitar licks, which carry a calming presence throughout the song. The track wallows in a relatable sadness about breakups, but the succinct resolve of, “I don’t feel any smaller now,” brings about a smile and a feeling of hope.

The band’s upcoming album, The State of Things, was recorded in a two week span of, “manic creativity and productivity,” says Cheriff. “As soon as I started recording, I knew I wouldn’t be able to focus on anything else until the record was finished. I don’t think I left my apartment more than once or twice. I just kept going until the songs sounded like they did in my head.”

Keep an eye out for Modern Diet’s new album, and in the mean time, enjoy their enticing appetizer in “Smaller.”

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