Canadian Country & Americana Rockers F. Scott And The Nighthawks Drop New Single ‘Stevie Girl’

Blazing a trail with their energetic blue collar rock n’ roll style is Canadian Americana band F. Scott and The Nighthawks.

F. Scott and The Nighthawks blur the lines between Americana, country, rock n’ roll, and soul rock. Touching on a multitude of genre influences, the band gives off a vibe that can mesh well with any crowd. The harsh kick of the drums and the overall rock n’ roll style and feel of the guitar throughout their songs feels reminiscent of the classic rock bands your parents play for you on the radio.

The band recently released their newest single, “Stevie Girl,” and it contains elements of nostalgia and wistfulness while staying true to the rock elements that F. Scott and The Nighthawks traditionally go for in their songs. It’s more mellow than most of their other releases such as “Straight to Heaven” and “Kiss the Sun” with softer drums and a beat you will catch yourself nodding along to.

Scott’s beautiful vocals in their latest release, paired with lyrics that emphasize giving your all for someone you love to live a wonderful life, creates a world in which the listener can escape to green grass and blue skies, like the setting the band alludes to in the song. The single adds a more sentimental touch to their discography and portrays a more vulnerable side to the Americana band.

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All in all, F. Scott and the Nighthawks does not disappoint with their single “Stevie Girl.” The steady and smooth instrumentals serve as a launching pad of sorts for the romantic lyrics to come in and leave listeners longing for a sweet summer romance while maintaining a refined rock sound.

The ability for the band to appeal to multiple genres at once gives them the ability to gain traction with many different audiences. In this way, their versatile nature gives them an upper hand, because their discography has something for basically everyone looking for music with a dangerous edge to it, especially fans of classic rock, country, and Americana.

While the band has Canadian roots, F. Scott and the Nighthawks are hitting the nail on the head when it comes to delivering true Americana, and “Stevie Girl” only puts them further in the spotlight with its nostalgic undertones. Everything about the single screams classic rock with hints of old country from start to finish. We are looking forward to what comes next from these Canadian rockers.

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