Halifax Alternative Garage Rockers The Town Heroes Release Explosive New Single ‘Fuse’

Every so often, artists – whether we like it or not – have a tendency to ignite change in their sound.

For some of us, that change can equal betrayal: why would you fix something that wasn’t broken? As for the rest of us, we like to remain open-minded. And if we trust what they do, why should we expect anything less than greatness? Also, the same old thing can get repetitive and boring; sometimes, we need a switch-up. 

Most artists have more versatile potential than they’ll ever let on because of the fear over a loss of support. The artists that impress me the most, though, are the ones that don’t care – they’ll play however they want to play because they love what they do, and that’s simply enough. And more times than not, the innovation pays off. Cape Breton duo The Town Heroes, for example, seem to follow this mindset with admirable results.

Whether you’re in the mood for an intimate multi-piece acoustic arrangement or a ball-of-fire duo rock domain, Mike Ryan and Bruce Gillis got you covered. The pair, over the course of 10 years, have given listeners a taste into their multifaceted dynamic, releasing five albums that show clear transitions from one phase to the next – each being just as favorable as the others. After dropping their latest record Again, which consisted of eleven acoustic versions of past discography from 2013 to 2018, the band is back with the explosive turbulence of their early days. 

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“Fuse” is a comeback single flashing in an indie rock spark of fuzzy guitars, booming drums, and falsetto sex appeal. It’s a song meant to be cranked to the highest volume, the guitar foundation resembling something of a Led Zeppelin anthemic crunch. Similar to its music video that’s set to come out June 30th, “Fuse” embodies a strobe-light entropy of deep desire and intrigue that slowly intensifies towards eruption.


This new direction lays the groundwork for the Heroes’ newly anticipated sixth full-length album set to be released this summer. Home, a concept record, consists of nine songs from three different perspectives, narrating the tale of “coming home, youth, summer love, and ultimately lost love,” over the course of two weeks spent under the Cape Breton sun. 

Regarding the project to The East Magazine, Ryan said, “I want to write a summer album, with summer themes and nostalgia for a time in my life that seems so long ago now.” And as the days reach their longest hour, this album comes at the perfect time – basking in the fun times restored.

Despite what version of The Town Heroes we get, we never lose sight of who they are. Like all of us, Ryan and Gillis are more than just one quality, style, and nature. They have layers to their music just like people have to themselves. Without a trace of reluctance, the band reveals more of what they’re made of in every new tune they put out, and what might resonate in vastly different moods and compositions will forever be founded by the same minds. And that’s really what matters at the end of the day: the shared love for music portrayed through a myriad of sounds.


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