British Columbia Folk Pop Singer-Songwriter Tenise Marie Releases New Single ‘Drawn To You’

Among other things, Canada is known for its stunning landscapes: vast mountain ranges, lush forests, and serene bodies of water are just part of the makeup of such a beautiful country that is the sum of its parts. It’s enough to inspire anyone, but for singer/songwriter Tenise Marie, it has ignited a creative fire.

Born in Argenta, BC, Marie grew up surrounded by nature; her performing name, Tenise, is taken straight from the Canadian wilderness, paying homage to the Tenise Creek. Singing along to folk artists like Bob Dylan and Joan Baez, Marie was introduced to the world of storytelling through song at a young age. Strongly inspired by fellow Canadian Joni Mitchell, Marie began writing songs when she was given a guitar at fourteen. 

After spending time in music school, Marie found her groove using a blend of her folk roots and jazz education, creating a unique yet familiar sound. Since the beginning of her journey into songwriting, Marie has used writing to make sense of the world around her. Woven into her songs are stories, which leave you feeling like you know her.

Marie’s new single, “Drawn to You” is a simple and sweet guitar song, with a bit of a melancholy twist – written for insomniacs and hopeless romantics, she tells a story of the all too familiar feeling of longing for someone you can’t have. Rhythmic strumming allows her voice to take center stage; skating over complex melodies and stacking harmonies, Marie’s heavenly voice takes her beautiful songwriting to another level.

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Her previous single, “10 Out of 10” is no exception. Telling stories of travel and exploration, she plays into an acoustic pop-ballad sound, fully reminiscent of her idol, Joni Mitchell. Her own unique twists and storytelling devices set her apart as a modern reflection of 70s pop super stardom.

Even more captivating than the two singles are her live performances of the pieces. Watching Marie perform is an emotional experience, and with no shortage of songs to listen to, it is easy to dive into her enormous catalog of songs. Coming of age, falling in love, and exploring the world are just the surface level of inspiration in Marie’s pieces – and the best way to discover more is to go in headfirst.

And if you’re wondering what may come next from this talented singer, she has her debut album, Storm, slated to release later this summer, and there is no doubt she will have her hands full going into fall. Hopefully, as the seasons change, we’ll see some live performances of these new songs along with it.

Photo by Carmen Adams

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