Belgian-American Producer Jason McKenzy Discusses His New Single ‘Fly’ With Vocalist Luma & More

Belgian-American artist Jason McKenzy hits the pop and EDM scene with his new inspirational and summery single, “Fly”.

McKenzy got started with his music career at a very young age. His relationship with music began at the mere age of six when he first started experimenting with sound, and began learning what creating music was all about. He would go on to host his own radio show, Disaster Of Madness, at the tender age of nine. It is evident that McKenzy has been passionate about music his whole life, and his ambition and passion for music allowed him to set his mind to becoming a great EDM artist and producer.

McKenzy’s latest single release “Fly” is the perfect track for the summertime. It has an impactful sound and a great buildup that encapsulates the essence of summer. Not only that, the single delivers an inspirational message that goes hand-in-hand with its catchy beat. The lyrics emphasize the notion that you should always get back up when you feel like you are failing and that there are always brighter days in the future. The combination of a high-energy sound and a personal message that McKenzy holds close to his heart is a great mix for a truly gorgeous song.

The track also features singer Luma whose beautiful vocals perfectly match the vibe of the single. Her voice is both sweet and soothing, and it is empowered by the song’s high energy sound. She does a great job delivering the uplifting message of the single, so her feature on the song was a great choice.

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McKenzy spoke with us about his career, single, and future as an artist in our interview with him.

You started experimenting with music at a really young age. How do you feel that has influenced your career path as a musician? 

Well I think it worked out fine because of that I’m more sure if a record will sell or doesn’t.

What drew you to the EDM genre in particular? 

In all honesty, it just happened, because in my daily life I never listen to EDM or any famous songs that are popping now. I only started listening to new songs if I do a set so I’d be a little updated.

So you just dropped your new single, “Fly,” which is a very upbeat and summery song. What was the inspiration and influence behind it?  

Well to be honest, the loss of my grandfather was an inspiration to get this done because I fell into a depression, and got up to “fly” again.

What did the recording and creative process for the single look like? 

I made “Fly” to combine pop and future base. Once the song was finished, I wanted a vocal on the track, and a friend of mine talked about Luma, and with the first listen to her songs I was sold. She knows how to deliver emotional lyrics, and transfer it to a motivational and inspirational sound for listening. With the long depression I’ve been dealing with, she was the perfect choice because I knew that she would be amazing on this track. I really love her vocals, and her songwriting is just terrific.

What messages and/or feelings do you typically try to convey within your music? 

It’s about being down but against all odds, there will be a time where you’ll get up and fly again. 

You have released music under a couple different stage names. What did you discover about your sound throughout your career under those names? 

Well basically I wouldn’t recommend anyone to do that. It’s a lot of unnecessary money lost regarding marketing, but at the end, your fans will grow rapidly because of the many names they will follow.

How does the music scene differ in Europe versus America? 

In all honesty, regarding Europe besides the UK, it’s not really a great thing in Europe. They’re not used to a DJ producer that doesn’t have a real specific genre for example. I can tell you one thing; my new record will have a country song, so regarding live shows, I basically go from trap to dubstep, then to deep house, back to trap and then to country etc. 

What was it like starting your own record label, and how is that going? 

Starting a label isn’t that difficult, the problem is marketing. I really hate online marketing. I’d rather will print out flyers and send them around. That is also the reason I hire a marketing agency. Besides that, it’s very easy and it creates freedom for genre change.

What might your fans expect from Jason McKenzy as we get deeper into summer and into fall? 

Some solo recordings and vocal songs, but I can’t tell much about it yet, but I’m sure y’all will like it a lot.

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