Briston Maroney Continues To Pump Out The Goods With Inventive AI Music Video For ‘Harvard’

Just a couple weeks after his sold-out curated music fest, Paradise, Nashville’s own Briston Maroney has dropped a visually mesmerizing music video for one of his newest singles, “Harvard.” 

After seeing Maroney in action at the Brooklyn Bowl just earlier in the month, he has taken no rest in providing captivating content for his eager fans. While Nashville has been his home base for the past couple of years, his fanbase has since stretched from coast to coast as well as across the pond, affirmed by his successful touring streak in Europe this past summer.

His sound is distinguished by his in-touch lyricism that explores the rocky emotional terrain of today’s younger generations interwoven with an indie rock crunch that forms his captivating original style.

Briston Maroney

The song that accompanies this music video is an exuberant anthem from a two-song package Maroney dropped earlier this fall that also included “Oregon,” an unbounded tune about breaking the constraints one makes within their own head.

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“Harvard” boasts Maroney’s signature euphonic vocals to the forefront of the rockish composition with a choral motif that sticks in the head like glue. As his newest release since his debut album, Sunflower, the indie artist continues to stay loyal to his rock roots with his banging drum lines and grunge guitar leads. 

Maroney teamed up with longtime friend Joey Brodnax to create the visually adventurous music video for “Harvard,” where the singer-songwriter plays the lead within the visuals while never actually being physically present in the video.

Brodnax utilized the latest in AI technology to render “photorealistic characters,” that have Maroney’s facial performance of the song reoriented onto the faces of these digital creatures. Brodnax describes his use of fresh technology as making the video into, “one that sits on the current edge of AI tech and generative art.” 

The hypnotic video and electric tune that inspired the project are just the latest in Maroney’s endeavors, and as always, we look forward to what’s next for the continuously-creative sonic innovator.

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