Multifaceted Model & Pop Singer Emilia Pedersen Drops Her New Single ‘Missing Myself’

What do you get when you take musical talent, beauty, Brazil, and Denmark? On the off chance you haven’t guessed it, the answer is Emilia Pederson

Pederson has described her love for music as her “first passion” because it certainly isn’t her only passion. This up-and-coming pop singer pursues modeling and acting as well, and her social media is brimming with her diverse projects. From short films, to photo shoots, to covers, to runway shows starting when she was only a teen, Pederson has a bright future at only nineteen-years-old.

This multifaceted marvel currently lives in New York City and was born in Denmark, but Pederson has a rather large following in Brazil, leading her to speak both Portuguese and English in her Instagram stories, which is where she announces much of her projects and news. However, Pederson did not stop at just two languages: she is also fluent in Danish and Spanish. It appears the skill set on this woman simply doesn’t end.

Being half-Brazilian, Pedersen is incredibly connected with her roots in the country. In fact, the multilingual singer has been featured on Brazilian talk shows, tabloids, has worked with Vogue Brasíl, and she has attended Brazilian Carnival; an enormous festival that is held in the country every year that marks the beginning of lent. Moreover, Pederson has worked with big names in Brazil such as actress Larissa Manoela, writer Martha Medeiros, and Bossa Nova artist Daniel Jobim. 

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As fascinating as Pederson’s extensive resume is, let’s dive into her music shall we?

Her first single, “Skyline,” which was produced by DJ Bruno Martini, dropped just last year. Not soon after, her newest release, “Missing Myself” hit streaming services. Pederson released both singles while signed with her current labels, Universal Music Publishing Brasil and InnerCat Music. “Skyline” drew a lot of attention, receiving over one million views on YouTube in less than twenty one hours.

“Missing Myself” is a song drawn from a similar vein as “Skyline”. Both songs are upbeat, empowering, and embellished by Pederson’s beautifully gentle tone that glides effortlessly over the beat. The half-Brazilian model has described this song as an anthem for someone to become reliant on themselves, rather than another person. She has also declared that her biggest musical influences are Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish, and Miley Cyrus. These influences are undeniably apparent in her new single, and I personally would love to see a collaboration from Pederson with Selena Gomez, because their voices and production style would gel impeccably. 

Emilia Pederson is an extremely talented, young force to be reckoned with, and between her connection with cultures and languages all around the world and her multitude of passions, it seems she will only build on her success.

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