Bottoms Up: Pemberton Roach Lets Loose On Boogie Woogie New Single ‘Another Round’

Keystone state native and traditional country songsmith Pemberton Roach looks to get his listeners up and moving with his newest swinging single, “Another Round.” 

As a young music lover, Roach spent his early days in the Blue Ridge Mountains watching his father run a charming AM country/bluegrass music radio station where rock & roll legend Bill Haley once held a position as a disc jockey. After his eighteenth birthday, the eager musician hit the ground running and began performing as a musician-for-hire at whatever venues would have him. 

Since his travels, Roach has self-released his own tunes and spread his catchy and infectious music to the masses, as he keeps the old-time country swing genre alive. His songs celebrate human nature, and he uses humor and positivity to tell stories about the highs and lows of the terrestrial experience. 

His latest release, “Another Round,” is a hip shakin’ tune about living carefree when life throws you obstacles. The song has a traditional swing and boogie woogie groove that is a dynamite choice at any modern day juke joint. It harnesses an old timey feel mixed with modern production techniques like synthetic keys that come in towards the middle, delightfully taking the listener for a loop and making it a transitional piece for the country genre.

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Roach told us, “I recently left a band that had played around 600 or 700 bar and casino gigs over a five-year period. We had a real drinking crowd and often had a lot of line dancers come down too. I think the song was inspired by observing just how much listening to some music and having a drink or dancing a little could change a person’s outlook on life. Especially these days when the social environment is so tense. Simple acts of kindness like buying someone a round or asking them to dance can really go a long way.”

He went on to say, “It’s also about how life is short and cyclical- things go up and down and get better and worse, so sometimes you might as well just let go and whoop it up for a night.”

The dance tune is perfect for any honky tonk lover looking for a little spice with their traditional country swing. And as Roach also mentioned, “another new single should rear its ugly head in the next few weeks.”

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