Smith, Lyle, & Moore Take Synth-Driven Direction On Cinematic Indie Pop Number ‘Vampire’

Smith, Lyle, & Moore’s orchestral and powerful new single, “Vampire,” encapsulates the deep nostalgic feeling of maintaining youth and never growing up. 

The intoxicating new track – currently out on all platforms – brings a new dynamic and explosive quality to the trio’s work. “Vampire” is a newer sound for the group, as it contains a further saturated and intense sound compared to their previous more acoustic-driven releases.

The enticing addition of a synth along with its soaring vocals describing the deep emotional feeling of retaining our younger years makes for a groundbreaking release for the trio. It’s easy to envision the track featured in dramatic TV or film scenes with it’s booming, all-encompassing sound.

The group, composed of Andrew Smith, Tyler Lyle and Jack Moore, met in Los Angeles in 2020. Lyle, an accomplished songwriter (and frontman of synth-wave band The Midnight), met Moore while the artist was visiting the city from England after the recent passing of his father, famous guitarist Gary Moore of Thin Lizzy fame.

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Moore arrived in LA eager to work, but a producer he was scheduled to work with was deep in the throes of a peyote-induced psychotic episode, as one may find themselves in. Moore would end up working with Smith instead, sealing their fate, hence their writing and recording of their song “Fate” the first day they met.

Moore and Smith would then spend a month in a make-shift studio on the beach in Malibu, writing and recording an album’s worth of material, drinking Johnny Walker Green Label, and occasionally getting G-rated psychedelic. At the end of the month, they traveled to Moore’s childhood friend Dhani Harrison’s Santa Monica studio to have him add vocals to a few of their songs. Harrison’s father (George for those who live under a rock) was a close friend of Moore’s father, having worked together in the Traveling Wilburys.

All of this would culminate into the unique group’s 4-track debut EP (2020), which includes their wildly catchy and most popular release, “Werewolf.” The band has continued to chip away and release new hits ever since. 

As this dynamic group continues to expand and explore the genre of alternative music with their distinct sound and powerful vocals, the future looks bright for this talented trio.

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