Australian Indie Pop Singer Rachael Blanche Talks New Video Single ‘Translator’

Modern pop artist Rachael Blanche puts a sizzling new twist on love in her latest single, “Translator.”

The young Australian indie pop singer has released just her second single, along with an expressive new music video on the way.

The artist muses over the nuances of relationships, certifying herself in the confessional pop genre stylistically similar to modern day heavy hitters like Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande. Blanche is known for her lifting mezzo soprano voice that makes songs like “Translator” emotive and technically impressive.

The Brisbane-based artist splits time between LA and Australia, covering a lot of ground with her music. For the past few years, she’s been collaborating with ARIA-nominated producer Stuart Stuart (Dean Lewis, Sheppard, The Veronicas) on a batch of EDM-flavored pop songs including the melodic anthem and her first single, “Catch My Breath.”

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We chatted with Blanche to learn more about her as an artist, the new single, her Aussie roots, and more.

As an Australian pop artist, who might’ve been some of your biggest Australian musical influences growing up?

The Veronicas for sure! And I didn’t realize at the time, but their first song was with my all-time idol Max Martin and the producer I work with, Stuart Stuart actually worked on their early albums and they still collaborate now. They were definitely the high energy pop artist that I wanted to be growing up (and now in fact!). And I have to bring up Delta Goodrem. She’s such an incredible musician and singer. I worshipped those albums, I could probably still sing them word for word. 

Who or what made you want to be a pop singer-songwriter?

Max Martin and Shellback. I grew up in the prime Britney Spears days and I would spend all my money on CD’s and go through each cover circling who wrote the songs I loved, and it always seemed to be this ‘Max Martin’ guy haha. I was like 8-years-old telling everyone I was going to write music with him one day. 


So you’ve got your new single, “Translator,” out now. What can you tell us about the backstory and influence behind it?

I had the idea when our girl group chat was blowing up with screenshots of a conversation one of the girls was having with a guy. She was so confused if he was asking her out or not and needing our help decoding 😂. So everyone’s giving their two cents, and she says something like, “I really like him, I think this could be something, I’m just so confused.” And it just came to me! 

Can fans expect to see it on an upcoming EP or LP?

I definitely have enough songs ready to go, so it’s absolutely being discussed. I’ve been wondering lately, it seems like we’re all so busy, we don’t really have time to listen to a whole album, but a single at a time seems more digestible. So if you’re reading this, message me on Insta and lmk your thoughts! ☺️

What does the day in the life of your songwriting process typically look like?

The luxury I have when working by myself is walking away. If I’ve been writing for awhile- I love to go about chores or mindless tasks and I’ll have the melody stuck in my head, and then I’ll get the idea or melody for the chorus. For example, when I’m not trying or pushing for it. And then I voice memo it and workshop it. I have thousands of voice notes, haha.

I see there’s also a music video for “Translator.” Can you talk about the vision and idea behind it and how it correlates to the song? 

We wanted to track the journey of a new couple – when they meet and they’re hitting it off – to the moments of confusion and miscommunication. They both leave frustrated and confused, but they like each other and can’t understand why it isn’t just that simple. 

Rachael Blanche

What was your role in the creative process that brought the music video to life? 

Beau, who was the mastermind behind the video has so many great ideas, and we are really in sync, so he sent me the inspo for the bedroom scene with all the flowers and plants. And then I went and bought an entire store worth of fake plants, and I put that whole flower display together in about 10 mins. We just had a clear vision and work really well together. I’m really grateful!

What messages or feelings do you typically try to convey in your music?

I think dating can feel really isolating, especially as you get older and everyone is married and forgets how hard it can be at the start. I just want everyone to relate and feel seen and understood. We really are all humans going through the same experiences. I love it when someone tells me that it feels like I wrote this song just for them. 

If you could tour with any present artist, who would it be and why?

Eminem! I absolutely love his music and what he & Skylar (Grey) have created is incredible, and something I would love to follow suit in. I would love to jump on tour with them and come out and sing “The Monster,” which was written by Bebe Rexha (and others), who I love. This is the kind of music I want to be writing. 

Any other exciting plans for 2023?

I’m moving to London soon! There’s such a hub of pop writers and DJ’s there, and I’m really excited to see what comes of it. Not to mention the proximity to Europe for a summer vacay!

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