ALBUM REVIEW: Bristol’s Country Renaissance Man Dallas Wayne’s ‘Coldwater, Tennessee’

Dallas Wayne wears many hats: singer, songwriter, radio personality, actor, producer, and, of course, cowboy.

At an age where others might consider retirement, Wayne is just hitting his stride. For decades, he has performed across North America and Europe, always returning back to his beloved state of Tennessee, particularly Bristol, where he first discovered his love of music. 

Wayne has released 13 albums of his own, and has recorded for labels like BFD/Audium, Kock Nashville, and HighTone. He’s also credited as a staff songwriter for Warner/Chappell Music. If you don’t recognize him from his own prolific body of work, you may know him from performances with Heybale, The TwangBangers, and a Grammy-nominated Special Consensus bluegrass album.

“He Even Brought Her Flowers”

His latest release of original country and Americana music, Coldwater, Tennessee, expands the Renaissance Man’s already impressive catalogue, as it’s now out on vinyl. Produced by Buddy Cannon, this album features several co-writes with long-time collaborator Robbie Fulks, and a whole lot of country shuffles.

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The album opens with, “I Hit The Road (and the Road Hit Back),” a honky tonk highway tune about ignoring better judgment and taking life by the steering wheel. The upbeat groove and country twang could motivate anyone to hop in their beat-up Cadillac and take to the open road, despite the consequences.

Further down the LP is Wayne’s heartbreaking, stone-cold traditional country ballad, “He Even Brought Her Flowers.” He incorporates all facets of his spirit into this song, between the emotional lyrics, the gentle instrumentals, and the country recitation in lieu of a musical breakdown. It captures the magic of true romance: a couple that goes out dancing, talks for hours, and a chivalrous man that always brings his woman flowers. 

Dallas Wayne

You can tell the crafty country veteran poured his heart and soul into this project, as he explores feelings of loneliness and displacement, but also those of love and optimism. There’s something for everyone throughout the record.

The album closes with, “I’m Your Biggest Fan,” a surprisingly haunting acoustic tale about a superfan that takes it too far. There’s a grittiness to Wayne’s voice, and you can tell he’s really gotten into character for this one. It was so convincing, in fact, that Stephen King requested to use it about a stalker in his own podcast. (very, very cool)

Wayne shares, “I grew up in an era where holding a vinyl record in your hands was about as good as it can get. I’m excited to share these songs from my songwriting catalog on vinyl – they are some of my favorites.”

We would have to agree- while streaming is convenient, you can’t beat the tangible feeling and sense of excitement from handling a brand new vinyl record.

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