Americana Singer-Songwriter Denitia Offers Enlightened Perspective On Road-Worn Single ‘Highways’

If someone were to pick the top three subjects most country and folk songwriters write about, being on the road whilst perhaps looking for oneself is quite likely to make the cut. And with that comes a lot of beating a dead horse.

But that’s not to say it can never be done in such a way that truly resonates and exudes authenticity and originality.

This is the case with Americana songwriter Denitia, and her new single “Highways,” which offers a modern and refreshing approach to the subject. Both lyrically and instrumentally, “Highways” hits the mark in the highest order, and is the perfect song to put on repeat. It’s like a sweet Southern hug for the soul and the senses.

As a child, Denitia performed in church choirs, and taught herself to play piano and guitar from her family’s trailer in the woods. She carried those experiences with her as she made her way around the country, moving to Nashville for college, and Brooklyn thereafter.

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Denitia prides herself on her abilities to flip through different genres to tell her story as an artist. Her previous releases have been distinctly pop and R&B, but with her new Americana-infused single “Highways”, the artist wished to pay homage to her Southern roots . . . and she certainly delivered.

With her roots entrenched in Texas, the now Hudson Valley-based songwriter’s new single indeed pays homage to the Deep South and Denitia’s past, but also tells a story about letting go of a love lost. The chorus talks about moving on and letting go of a lover, and finding acceptance in different aspects of life. She offers yearning and nostalgia in her lyrics, and her voice is nothing short of angelic. The chorus captivates with the lines: “I know time won’t lie / When I’m moving on / But I don’t want to say goodbye / To these pieces of you / That I carry on . . .”

Denitia’s track is steeped in modern folk and Americana, and frankly it would be no surprise to see this emerging artist blow up, as she is as talented and authentic as they come. She has a unique ability to transport her listeners to the setting of her songs, and makes them focus in on “the right side of that double-center line”. 

With the track’s lush instrumentation and Denitia’s sweet and soulful vocals, “Highways” is one of the best Americana songs we’ve heard all year.

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