Traditional Country Songstress Alisa McCance Releases Optimistic New Single ‘Every Road’

In today’s world, country music is becoming more and more diverse.

With artists combining country and soul, country and rock, country and pop, and even country and trap (among other combinations), there are so many sonic roads and offshoots one can take the traditional sound. Enter Nashville fiddle player, Alisa McCance, who has never stayed a stranger to the more traditional country sound . . . because she knows that every road leads to something better than before.

McCance has had quite the history in the country music scene. Her fiddle-playing background and unique songwriting abilities have given her the opportunity to open for artists like Lady A, Little Big Town, Clay Walker, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, and Asleep at the Wheel. She was also the head fiddle player in a Keith Urban Tour video. She’s spearheaded every opportunity to get to where she’s at today, and she hopes the world will have the same sense of optimism with her new single, “Every Road”.

McCance’s uplifting single, “Every Road,” reminds her audience to pursue their dreams and continue their journeys with their heads held high.

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Lyrically, this song is extremely optimistic and hopeful, as are most of her releases. McCance’s bright country twang sings powerfully atop the instrumentalists: “Every road leads to another road / Every day leads to tomorrow…I will find my way,” she sings. This positive message is one we could all use right now, as our society is still bouncing back from the pandemic, dealing with the war in Ukraine, and coping with skyrocketing costs of living.

From an instrumental perspective, “Every Road” is a beautiful example of how traditional country meets modern production. The band sounds incredibly full, with McCance’s vocals and fiddle playing being heard above all things in the track. The instrumentation also highlights the same sense of bittersweet optimism that the words do.

“Every Road” is a beautiful sentiment of perseverance and optimism while approaching new challenges, and nobody says this as succinctly as McCance and her band.

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