Americana Folk Singer-Songwriter Jackson Emmer Releases Smooth Shufflin’ New Single ‘Times Have Changed’

“Times have changed and nothing stays the same—power and fame, times have changed.”

These candid lyrics are a part of Jackson Emmer’s new down-home single, “Times Have Changed.” Based in the small town of Carbondale, Colorado, the Americana singer-songwriter has been honing his craft since the age of 20. Over the years, he has built a reputation featuring his effortless writing style and prominent vocals. However, it was not always this way. 

At the age of 28, Emmer had lost his voice completely, but this did not stop him from pursuing his career ambitions. In fact, he took this challenge as something to overcome and as a fresh start. Over the years, he learned to sing again and was able to create a new sound within his artistry. With his distinct timbre, grit and country tone, his voice stands apart from many other artists. His distinguishable sound has been described by fans as a mix of George Jones and Dan Reeder, and with his stylistic writing and strong voice howling front and center, listeners have come to know it’s him when his songs start.

In his “Times Have Changed”, the lyrics incorporate his feelings of life and career. They focus on the way generations constantly change and nothing ever stays the same, and that it’s sometimes challenging to keep up. I think we can all say this is especially true in the past year, which makes it an even more inspiring song. The single includes riveting instrumentation in the fiddle, bass, and guitar that keeps every moment of the song alive. Emmer expresses a unique mix of folk and country with his signature rasp-ridden vocals that blend exceptionally well with his arrangements. 

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Legendary folk singer Tom Paxton described Emmer’s artistry as, “Firmly on the right track — do NOT fail to hear this man.” And fail to hear him we did not, Mr. Paxton. His latest work proves to be some of his best yet, with ten tracks recorded in a Nashville studio in just five days, his work is nothing to overlook. All of these tracks were written or co-written by Emmer, produced by Mary Bragg, and display his heartfelt and original lyrics. 

He’s been producing, touring, and recording for the past 12 years, and has performed at notable venues such as the Telluride Bluegrass Festival, Club Passim, Cactus Cafe, Rockwood Music Hall, The Grey Eagle, and many more. This award-winning songwriter and producer has also been featured in Rolling Stone, Cannes Film Festival, American Songwriter, and many radio stations across the world. Not only has he been given opportunities to display his own work, but has collaborated with Grammy-winners and received grants for his music. In a nutshell, his skill and dedication is not overlooked.

Emmer has tour dates set for the rest of the year with more dates being made available soon. Moreover, the singer-songwriter also has a blog for fans to stay up to date on his plans, life, and career movements along with his merchandise, videos, recordings, and more. 

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