Alt-Pop Songwriter Benj Heard To Drop Music Video For Playful New Single ‘I Sold Your Ring To Buy A Microphone’

Have you ever thought about leaving something safe and familiar to chase something more? Something different? Well, alternative pop artist Benj Heard has, and decides to implement that mindset with a bit of a twist in his newest single, “I Sold Your Ring To Buy a Microphone.”

By the title, you might be thinking this guy has been through a lot, but in reality, it seems he just had the courage to do what lots of us won’t. Basing his song on true stories and emotions, the track is as real as it gets. 

The accomplished singer, songwriter, and producer grew up in Oklahoma learning music and singing harmonies with his siblings at a young age. Being immersed in a musical environment, Heard learned and developed an ear for the classics of the mid-20th century, which deeply influenced his musical path.

Graduating as a Mechanical Engineering major from the University of Oklahoma, Heard spent over two years working for the USAF, then soon moved into music full time. He has garnered a reputation as a Platinum producer and songwriter, while having his music represent major brands such as Microsoft, Google, Apple, and Samsung to name a few. Now based in Los Angeles, he has a wealth of opportunity and a deep well of like-minded collaborators to work with.

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He began working on his latest track with songwriter Lauren Christy in 2019, and finished it in March of this year with an added verse by Nashville-based rapper Shy Carter. Based on a true story, Heard says, “It’s about a relationship I was in a number of years ago…I felt like I always had to be on my best behavior and had to change who I was to make her happy.” With almost immediate regret, Heard returned the ring and decided to buy a wireless microphone for a tour. He said, “To me, it was really about having the courage to leave the safety and consistency of that relationship to follow what I feel I was meant to do and be who I was meant to be.” 

Keeping such a unique story line real, he decides to go the same route with his music video, which is set to be released this Wednesday, September 8th. Self-produced and recorded entirely on an iPhone, he starts off riding a bicycle on the beaches of Venice, then falls into a snowboarding scene, and soon gets a call from his cohort Carter. Channeling realness and vulnerability, he successfully displays it within his song and video, almost as if he’s jumping into new seasons of life within the changes of scenery on his phone throughout the music video. 

Kicking off the song with a lush melody, Heard jumps right in with the common theme of the song and raw storytelling. About a minute in, Carter gets his moment rapping lyrics such as, “I liked you a lot, but not like I like my songs / I’m done with chasing,” letting listeners in on what is going on behind the scenes after the opening chorus. Heard keeps a magnetic beat that retains your attention and carries throughout the song. With strong percussion, dynamic vocals, and sticky pop styles, the Oklahoma songsmith pulls off a confident storyline and ends it with a message of knowing it’s okay to explore your passions and move on. 

The single has been described as an “eclectic alternative pop sound by way of Justin Timberlake, The Carpenters, and Nat King Cole.” With a seamless mix of hip-hop and pop, the track is a dreamy yet reflective anthem to end summer with. 

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