Landon Wordswell Teams Up With Producer The Don Avelar On Upcoming Album ‘Taffy’s Son’

Blending bold lyrics, complex rhymes, and personal truths, artists Landon Wordswell and Don Avelar have just completed their latest album, Taffy’s Son, set to drop on September 23rd. 

Wordswell and Las Cruces-based producer Avelar have been creating an innovative bond while releasing music together since 2014. By way of the St. Louis area and now Atlanta, Wordswell has lots of inspiration crafting his talents of being both an emcee and performer. His stage performances have been commended on tours nationally and internationally for his enthralling appeal with crowds of all over. Combining Wordswell’s lyrics and Avelar’s producing, it’s a union set to light speakers ablaze. 

With their last full-length album, I’m Tired, inspired by the overturned reality of 2020, the duo kept their heads held high and the imagination sparked for the new seven-track album, Taffy’s Son.

Kicking off the album is, “Royalty Pt. 1,” featuring singer Shatiesh, which showcases her vocals right from the start, slowly adding in foot-tapping beats followed by Wordswell’s well thought out lyrics. The song immediately invokes feel-good vibes along with a little bit of soul in Shatiesh’s voice. 

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Blending soul, hip-hop, and Latin flair, it all weaves together seamlessly with Avelar’s ear for producing. Being exposed to different types of music in Las Cruces, he himself was motivated to make a name for himself in the music industry. Teaming up with Wordswell, he says they have elevated their sound with each album released and are constantly evolving. 

“Like A Gun,” featuring Nick Spencer, represents the evolution throughout both of their careers. With lyrics such as, “But I’ve been trying to laugh, got some people in my corner I’ve been trying to forget / Thinking about closing scripts I’ve been dying to flip,” Wordswell embodies the hard work, dedication, and progress it takes to persevere in life along with his music. 

Taking a turn with the track, “RE-DO”, featuring Drvven, your attention sets in from the first few seconds. The intricate and different rhythms in the beginning shifts your focus, making the song stand out in a contrasting way compared to the other titles. Constantly switching up between Drvven and Wordwell’s vocals, the song keeps you aware and engaged in the story line from two separate perspectives. 

Ending the album with, “Royalty Pt.2,” featuring artist Nick Black, it ties together hip-hop atmosphere while bringing awareness to important themes they get across throughout the album. While taking it back to the first upbeat track, they hone in harmonies and softer melodies bringing the feeling down, yet still serving inspiration.

Taffy’s Son offers a unique dynamic with a mix of rich culture, well-produced grooves, and lyrics that stick in your mind. In other words, it’s well worth a listen.

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